Oct 04, 2008

Bear Flag Farm
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Words cant fully express our love for Bear Flag Farm and its owner Tina. We live in NYC and first saw the farm on a wedding venue scouting trip to the Bay Area. It was the first place we saw and we loved it. Being pragmatic people, we thought maybe we were just too excited to find a place and proceeded to look at about 20 other venues in Napa and Sonoma Valley. At the end of our trip, it was clear that Bear Flag Farm was the wedding venue for us. From the beginning, Tina was warm, welcoming, helpful, and supportive. She made us feel so at home that we knew that we had found the perfect spot for our wedding. We returned several times to the Farm over the year leading up to the wedding and were able to see it during a few different seasons. We were amazed at how different it could look at different times of the year, but somehow remain beautiful. From the almond orchard to the citrus trees to the vineyards to the lavender fields, the Farm offers up an amazing variety of outdoor landscapes that are all unique and picturesque. Our wedding photos turned out so well due mainly to the fact that the Farm is so beautiful. There were so many opportunities to take photos with great backdrops that I think our photographer was a bit overwhelmed. It is hard to imagine any wedding not being absolutely beautiful here. Tina has taken great care to maintain her property and it really shows. The guest cottage in particular was a wonderful treat to have on the wedding day. I was able to get ready with the girls there in the morning and enjoy snacks and drinks and every amenity. Tina even made us delicious scones! The cottage also served as a private oasis for my new husband and I right after the ceremony so that we could catch our breath and spend a little time together. It was a really nice treat to have a few minutes alone before emerging to greet our guests. Another feature that drew us to the Farm was that it is a working organic farm. We loved the idea of incorporating different items grown right there on the Farm into our wedding. We wound up using Bear Flag melons and tomatoes in some of our dishes and gave our guests small bottles of olive oil that were made from olives grown on the Farm. Best of all though was Tinas willingness to make our day the best day possible and to make us happy. The week of the wedding, we had forecasts for rain on our wedding day (completely unseasonable) and Tina really went out of her way to accommodate our needs. She made a lot of great suggestions on how to adjust the floor plan, tent the lawns, and create the vibe we had planned for and make it a great wedding despite rain. She really helped to sooth our worries. Best of all, Tina has very good relationships with the vendors that work her venue frequently, which allowed us to have the best selection of equipment, crews, etc. and to make adjustments on very short notice. We also felt that some of the vendors worked extra hard at our event and that probably had a little something to do with them wanting to please Tina. In the end, we went with a clear-top tent and it was magnificent! It didnt end up raining, but the visual impact of the tent and the intimate feeling created by it made the event better than we could have imagined. Our friends and family have told us repeatedly how amazed they were by the beauty and uniqueness of the outdoor setting for our wedding. We could not agree with them more and believe that Bear Flag Farm is the best wedding venue in the area, bar none. Bear Flag will forever hold a special place in our hearts as will Tina. Anyone lucky enough to get married at Bear Flag will undoubtedly have a beautiful wedding day and even more valuable memories.
Services used: Wedding Venue