Oct 01, 2006

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I set an appointment after reading the reviews and since I lived nearby. I had originally planned to make my cake with a chef friend but was looking into less stressful alternatives.

When I walked in for my appointment there were tons of people in there. I stood in the back for 10 minutes before someone finally asked if I had an appointment or even said hello. This is something I could have brushed off had it been the only bad experience of the appointment.

Finally I have a meeting with her and there is other people standing very close by to hear everything. The interview table was squished in the front of the small store and it was a bit uncomfortable. I began to tell her I was originally going to make it, she interupts me and rudley says "well then your not going to like anyones price" She had a bit of attitude and seemed like she just wanted this finished. I felt she was upset because of my comment and it made me really uncomfortable. We continued to the rest of the appointment and she gave me a price quote. She couldnt do my shape because she didnt have the pans and gave me her price. I shopped around and asked and found it was more expensive then everyone I asked AND they were getting more.

I decided not to go with her. If my appointment hadn't been met with such hostility I might and probably would have made a completely different decision. Unfortunatly I was not happy with them . I went with a new girl opening her new buisness. Her cakes were amazing and her prices phenomenal!!
Services used: Wedding Cake

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Pebbles Bridal
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I just got back from there. I found my Maid of honor dress and my bridesmaid dresses. I went to just get the MOH dress but fell in love with one dress, the girl was so nice and gave us a deal so that my girls could afford it! They were very nice and very helpful! I definitley recommend it. It was small but since it was a friday evening it was actually super empty! They have gorgeous assecories and plan to get my bridal headband there! Thy have better options them my bridal boutique in beverly hills and were way nicer!! I wish I had gotten my wedding dress there since they are so nice.
Services used: Dress & Attire