Jun 05, 2009

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I decided I wanted 2 bands to go with my engagement ring, but FI kept saying we should get one now and then buy the second one for our first anniversary. Last night (after the worst day ever) FI came home and surprised me with both of them. I love how it looks and can't wait to get to wear them every day!!!

My RingS photo 1

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My aunts threw me another amazing shower at Sanjoe's in Roseville, MI. Service was outstanding! One of the waiters made sure to follow me around with my drink in case I forgot it!!! The tornado sirens went off while I was opening presents, but we didn't hear them! No major damage and it cleared up in time for everyone to head home. It makes me all warm and fuzzy that people care about us that much :)

Shower 2 photo 1Shower 2 photo 2

            Me with one of my Bridesmaids                         Sweetarts for me and my bridesmaids!

Shower 2 photo 3Shower 2 photo 4

           I was so embarassed to pull this out!                     4 for me and 4 for FI!

Shower 2 photo 5Shower 2 photo 6

    3 of my bridesmaids (other 3 couldn't make it)      My mom in white, sister in middle and me with friends

Shower 2 photo 7Shower 2 photo 8

             This cake was so delicious!                         My mom and me and a friends daughter

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It's just pinned, so it looks a little awkward! I love the bustle :) I'm still having a sweetheart neckline, but it's hard to see the pin on how far down it will go (not far!)

1st Fitting photo 11st Fitting photo 21st Fitting photo 31st Fitting photo 41st Fitting photo 5

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Thrown by my awesome FSIL! It was amazing and everyone had a great time. We even got my grandmas to take a jello shot!

Shower 1 photo 1Shower 1 photo 2

Getting Pinned!                                                        1 pile of presents!

 Shower 1 photo 3


Shower 1 photo 4Shower 1 photo 5

  Gifts for those that came!                                            Kara - one of my bridesmaids

Shower 1 photo 6Shower 1 photo 7

 Most of my bridesmaids (missing 2)                                      Hard to break with a plastic bat!

Shower 1 photo 8Shower 1 photo 9

     Aunts, cousin and sister doing Jello shot                          Me with FMIL and FSIL, the hostesses!

Shower 1 photo 10Shower 1 photo 11

      My mom and sister                                                        My grandmas

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Ok, so it's not necessarily wedding related. I do occasionally blog about wedding things though so take a look! Click here.

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Dream Shoes photo 1

I LOVE these shoes!!! But can't pay $300 for them :-( so I'm looking for a similar pair that is not quite this expensive! Any ideas?