May 31, 2009

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l items below will be shipped from 76112 and I've included the approximate weight where I could.  Prices do NOT include shipping!  All items are available for pickup in Fort Worth, TX to save on shipping costs!


Please send a message if you're interested and I"ll reply as soon as humanly possible - I work nights and sleep days, so it may come in the middle of the night, but a reply will come!


Treasure Chest

(Used to hold our cootie-catcher programs)

Measures approximately 19" wide and 15" high - I expect shipping to be pretty steep as it's a pretty big box!

$30 plus shipping

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2

For Sale photo 3




Silver Unity Candle Set with Dangling Crystal Hearts

(used once by us - includes complimentary candles in a deep merlot) Looks tarnished/gold in the picture due to the draping but is really shiny, bright silver.

$25 plus shipping

For Sale photo 4

For Sale photo 5


Just Married Flip Flops (his large and hers medium) Leaves 'just married' footprints in the sand!

(Never worn - forgot them on the honeymoon!)

$20 plus shipping

For Sale photo 6




Silver Free-Form Heart Jewelry Box - from the knot giftstore

(Engraved with name Amanda - unused)

$20 plus shipping

For Sale photo 7


White, Glossy Mailing Tubes with End Caps (approximately 50)

(Tubes are 12" long x 1.5" in diameter with 2 end caps) - Unused

We used these for our caricatures and put our monogram stickers on them to personalize them - people loved taking their favors home without worrying about them being damaged!

$0.75 each plus shipping

No photo available - sorry!


Thanks for looking and happy planning brides!

lauren in TX







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Here are a few non-pro wedding pictures for your perusal.  Hope you enjoy them!  We had an amazing day, surrounded by friends and family and everyone so far has said it was the 'best' and 'most fun' wedding they've ever attended!  WOOHOO!

The actual bride's cake

Non pro wedding pictures photo 1


This was the ceremony decor/altar outside - we used lit-up inflatable cones on both ends of the aisle (flanking the screens we used as our altar as you see on the right side)

Non pro wedding pictures photo 2

Here's a pretty decent pic of the new husband and wife, with my bouquet - loved the ivy, it was so natural looking and elegant!

Non pro wedding pictures photo 3


This is a wide-shot of the overall inside decor with a few large tables and the rest smaller ones.

Non pro wedding pictures photo 4

This is the fruit and cheese display that started during happy hour before the wedding and was replenished for the reception...very impressive!

Non pro wedding pictures photo 5


Hope you enjoyed these pics and I'll post more as soon as I get them!

Thanks for stopping by - lauren

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We've selected this awesome famous fabulously awesome (did I say that already) bakery in a nearby town to do our wedding cakes.


The brides cake will be 4 tiers, square (as opposed to round in this pic) with ivory buttercream-cream cheese frosting and the brown fondant detail.  The first layer is white with strawberry creme and the second is white with amaretto creme!  There are two 'fake' layers to add to the overall image!


Let them eat cake photo 1


The grooms two-layer cake is chocolate cake, with chocolate cream-cheese buttercream filling and frosting outside.  The outer 1/3 is dressed with chocolate ganace and it will have a half-pound of fresh chocolate shavings on top!  In the pic, sub out the strawberries and add the chocolate shavings - YUM!

Let them eat cake photo 2


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Ross and I met in 12/06 when we both worked as Paramedics for the same city.  He was my best friends partner and he was so smart, funny and handsome.....problem was, he was VERY much younger than I was!  Here's our story - ladies first!


When I first met Ross, I thought he was absolutely adorable...then I found out he was 23...OOPS!

We became friends through work and I always told him he'd find a girl who'd adore him as much as he would adore her.  Just be patient, I said!  She's out there, I promise! 

Then, on the fateful night of June 9, 2007, after a small gathering at my house, EVERYTHING changed!  I became that girl!  (Thanks to Ross for being persistent!)

We began dating, each of us trying to decide if this was just a thing, fun, or was it THE ONE?

Well, my heart figured it out pretty quickly but my logical mind kept telling me it wasn't possible...the age difference was too great, he would outgrow me, we'd get bored, etc. 

One night, I finally worked up the courage to tell him I loved him, and it was such a relief!  I knew he loved me, more than words could ever say, and I was so glad I was finally able to speak from my heart and tell him he was THE ONE, forever and ever!

As you know, we've had some tough times this last year, with Ross being sick and all, and these challenges have brought me closer to Ross and to his family.  Guess there is a reason for everything?

I"m so glad that on May 31, 2009, I will become Mrs. Ross McCoy....I can't wait!


Now the gent's tale:

As many of you know, I've never had much, or any, luck with relationships. By the time I first met Lauren, I'd nearly given up with the idea of ever finding "The One." Over the first six months that we knew each other, we grew closer as friends, but the thought never crossed my mind that this wonderfully kind, beautiful, mature woman could find something attractive in me.

Oh, sure, I had my fleeting fantasies of becoming more than friends, but the concept of asking her out on a date crossed into the absurd for me. Certainly Lauren, with all she had going for her, wouldn't think I was a suitable suitor, and I would be merely wasting my time and hers.

Boy, was I ever wrong! After we made those first few fumbling steps towards a relationship together, I quickly realized that everything I saw in her as a friend and a woman was leading me to fall head over heels in love.

It seems that time has flown by since the day I first gathered the courage to tell her that I loved her, as life has tried to throw many obstacles in our path. Who could have known that less than a month after I knelt down in front of her and a group of our closest friends to ask for her hand in marriage that she would be holding mine as I lay sick in a hospital bed?

Try though it might to take us apart, our challenges have only served to bring us closer together, and every day that I wake up next to the most beautiful woman in the world I fall hopelessly in love with her all over again. I cannot wait for the day that I can stand up in front of the world and make her my wife!

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We're a pretty contemporary couple (ok, he's younger, maybe that's it?) and we selected the following as our STD magnets!  Never have I heard such a hub-bub over something so simple.  People LOVED these and they're on refrigerators all over the USA!


STD and invites photo 1

For our invites, we selected this from

STD and invites photo 2

So far, everyone has complimented us on how modern and 'us' they are, so I think it's the perfect fit!


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Instead of the traditional favors, we've hired a photobooth to take pics of our guests and a caricature artist.

The guests will have their photo snapped (unlimited, all night, including funny props like hats and big glasses, etc) and they'll get one copy and the other will go into our guest book.  Each guest/party will have a page to complete that has trivia about them, questions about how they know us, etc.  That way, when we're all finished, we'll have a photo journal of our guests and the fun they had!

Our caricature artist is awesome - he made one of Ross and I in advance, and we'll display that outside his booth so folks know what talent he has to share!

Here we are, the happy couple:

Fun Stuff at the Reception photo 1