Jul 07, 2007

GB Photographers
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Garrett and Matt fabulously surpassed all expectations on both dimensions we were looking for from our wedding photographers: they took amazing photos that literally brought tears to our eyes when we reviewed them, and they were a joy to work with actually adding to the wedding ceremony experience. While the pictures speak for themselves, probably the best story I can tell that captures what Garrett and Matt did for us involves a beach, a campsite, some champagne, and extra diligence on their part. We had really wanted to find a spot on the beach near the site of our wedding for post-ceremony pictures with just the two of us. But even though we were getting married along the Northern California coast, in the pre-wedding craziness we werent able to find an access point down the cliffs that would be manageable in a wedding dress and heels, so by the wedding day we had basically given up the idea. Garrett and Matt, however, did not give up, and went out of their way that day to negotiate with a local campsite owner to attain beach access up the road. They arranged for us to drive right up after the ceremony and take photos in the sand as the sunset over the horizon. Those are my favorite shots of the day! And having our first moments together as husband and wife, drinking champagne in a beautiful beach setting away from the festivities, was a magical time for us that set the stage for the rest of the evening. I cant imagine many other photographers would have gone the extra mile like that to give us a moment that meant so much. And if that wasnt enough- Garrett and Matts suggestion to provide a backdrop at the reception so that our guests could pose and take photos together was brilliant. Our friends and family loved having an opportunity to take photos together, and the results were like having a photo booth at our reception, only with Garrett and Matts artistic touch added to each photo! Our wedding photos are amazing. We enjoyed every step of the process with both of them, and can unequivocally say that if you want the best wedding photographers money can buy go with Garrett and Matt, you wont be disappointed.
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