Sep 04, 2010

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Wedding Gown: Anjolique; purchased at Beckers Bridal:

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alexia; purchased at Letts Bridal:

Grooms Suit: Michael Kors; purchased at Burlington Coat factory

Groomsmen suits: Tommy Hilfiger; purchased at K&G 



Camp Blodgett:



Elegance of the Seasons:






Casey Lemieux:



TJ the DJ:



Melissa Vannest photography:


Tent & Ceremony Pillars

Redi Rental:




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The weather had went pretty sour the day before our wedding. It was cold and extremely windy. (Gale force winds at 45mph.) This is bad news for a beach wedding. I knew that if the weather didn't clear up, we would be moving our ceremony and all other festivities inside. I was glad that our venue had an option B for bad weather, but I was really worried about moving everything. For years, I had envisioned an outdoor wedding. It was pretty important to me. I just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and that it would work out either way. 

The night before, I stayed in a hotel room with my folks. (Matt stayed with his mom in a beach rental home.) My grandmother had an adjoining room. Unfortunately, I was up every hour, didn't get too much sleep. So full of anticipation! 

I woke around 7:30, and immediately checked the weather on TV. No improvement. My parents had left with my grandmother to take advantage of the continental breakfast at the hotel while I got ready to head to the salon. 

I took my time getting ready and was excited to put on my customized white jumpsuit. 

We left for the salon around 8:30, stopping by another hotel to pick up one of my bridesmaids. The wind was terrible, blowing everything sideways! My sister (MOH) met us there with my other bridesmaid. Everybody was there except for my mother-in-law and her mother. They were running a little late. 

We had a good time at the salon. My mom had bought us some cinnamon rolls and scones from across the street. I ate one scone, should have eaten a lot more!! I felt so sick just before the ceremony...

I absolutely loved how my hair turned out. I had a little scare in the beginning as I showed up with my hair pretty dirty. She had told me, during our trial, that she would do some sort of treatment to my hair prior to styling it and to not worry about washing it the day of. Well, when I got there, she immediately began to curl it. I didn't say anything and just hoped for the best. Thank god my hair cooperated! My makeup was ok. I had her use a plum/lavendar combo for the trial. For some reason, on the wedding day, she used browns. I never wear brown makeup. She must have forgotten about what we had decided on before. It was sort of like the trial went out the window, but I was generally pleased with the end-result. So oh well!

We were running about 20 minutes late and I was getting really anxious. I wanted to be sure the photographers had enough time to shoot everything....

As we were stepping outside of the salon, a small amount of sun peaked out through the clouds, but quickly tucked itself back away. drat. 

When we arrived to the venue, I waited in the car for a bit so that everybody could make sure Matt was hidden away. Poor guy had to decorate the venue with the help of my dad, a few groomsmen and friends. It was a stressful morning for him. 

I loved the way things had turned out in the venue. The flowers hadn't arrived yet, but the milk glass, mason jars and doilies were perfect. My cake table was so sweet too - the CAKE was more than I could have hoped for. They definitely brought my vision to reality. All the little details came together so nice, I loved how the mantle was decorated. (It turned out to be the focal point in the ceremony.) 

It was finally time to get ready. I hadn't seen my dress in a few months. I was so excited when I walked into the room where it was hanging. My Aunt Karen had steamed it for me the night before, it must have been quite the job. I owe her! My sister helped me into the dress and we started the process of getting me cinched up. I was really disappointed because my mom was nowhere to be found. I wanted to have some pictures with her during this time. She was in the other room dressing two grandmother's though, so she kind of had her hands full. 

After I was all suited up, we decided to head outside for some photos. My awesome photographer had found a little spot that was protected from the wind. I am so thankful that we were able to do some pictures in this little area. We got some really nice ones of me and my girls as well as Matt and his guys. This is the point where I started to feel pretty sick though. I knew that I hadn't eaten enough, my blood-sugar was crashing. I kept calling out to see if someone could find me some crackers or a cookie or something. After the photos, my family was able to get me a small plate of fruit and crackers. My mouth was so dry, really weird! Like I had a hard time eating anything. Looking back, I wish that I could have relaxed more before the ceremony. I just got really nervous and faint feeling. My girls and family were great though, giving me little words of encouragement. 

At one point, a group of people from Matt's side of the family showed up in my dressing room to greet Matt's grandmother. I was already dressed, thank god. It was really awkward and weird though. I wasn't sure why they couldn't have waited for the ceremony to start since she was seated at their table for the entire evening. They didn't look at me or say anything to me, but I just felt pretty invaded. I didn't really want any of the guests to see me before the ceremony.

Unfortunately, a few other guests saw me as well because people kept taking the elevator up to the wrong floor. We eventually made a sign in the elevator to direct folks!

My grandmother was in the room waiting with me and she started to say the sweetest thing. She was trying to help me feel better and she said that it will all be so much easier once I get to see Matt at the other end of the aisle. She started to talk about looking into each others eyes and saying our vows and she broke down in tears. This moved all of us and we were all emotional. 

It was finally time to head down the elevator to the ceremony level. I was still feeling pretty nervous. I did feel better once I saw my dad. He has always been good at de-stressing situations. Everything went really well for the ceremony. My very shy niece and nephew even made it down the aisle. My left strap to my dress fell down while walking down the aisle with my dad, but I din't even notice it. I just smiled and focused on Matt. My sister promptly fixed it when I got up to the alter. 

The ceremony seemed really fast, but went along without a hitch. I was so excited to kiss Matt that I grabbed his head in my hands. It actually looked cute in pictures though. 

The rest of the evening was a blur. We took some more photos with family indoors and then ventured outside with the wedding party. We made it all the way down to the beach. The wind was crazy, but it made for some awesome shots! We went back out again at sunset, I am so glad as the sky was amazing!!

Dinner was pretty good. We didn't get the type of salad we had ordered, but oh well. Our DJ was fabulous. Great music! I just wish we had more space to dance. We had originally wanted to have the outside deck as part of the dance floor, but the weather didn't permit that. boo. We made it work though. 

I cried during my dance with my dad. I didn't expect to, but I guess I am just so indebted to him for always being there. He is just a great person. 

Matt and I made sure to thank everybody for coming, making our way to each table. I just cannot get over how fast the evening went. It was sad when it was all over. tear. 

I am planning on doing a Rock the Dress shoot in spring of 2011. It'll be a chance to wear the dress again and to get a few detail shots that were missed on the big day. My mom is planning on going with me, I'm excited to have that day with her.

I am so happy to be Mrs. Cassidy!!


Just remember to savor every moment - you only get to do this once!!

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Grumpy weather makes for beautiful sunsets on the great lakes!!

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Violet the pug

Pooty the persian cat

Sam the german shorthaired pointer

All rescues. :)

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