Jun 20, 2009

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Pictures from the day before the wedding of us setting up the community center for the reception!

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 1 The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 2

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 3

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 4

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 5

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 6

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 7

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 8

The Pre Wedding Set Up photo 9

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I used two boxes of print-your-own invites and put my own design on them, instead of following their directions.  I punched out the purple daisies from a cardstock that I picked up at Michael's and then glued to the invites.  The scrollies I downloaded from the internet (could not tell you where I found them, though...) and had help from a fellow PW Bride changing the color.  

Our Invitations photo 1

some close ups

Our Invitations photo 2

Our Invitations photo 3

Our Invitations photo 4 Our Invitations photo 5

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My FMIL took these last week at the Botanical Center in Des Moines, IA!

engagement photos photo 1 engagement photos photo 2

engagement photos photo 3 engagement photos photo 4

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This is my attempt at an inspiration board...

inspiration board photo 1

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Our reception space is the community center in my hometown, Monona, IA.  It's a very bare space and very open.  I chose it because it allows us so many options in terms of decor and setup.  Here are some pics of the space and my ideas for decorating.

This is one view of the room.  The head table will be where the piano is (minus the clock and plus one more tree) with the dance floor in front and the guest tables around the perimeter of the room.  I'd like to hang white paper lanterns in the center of the room above where the dance floor would be, to help define it.

reception photo 1

As you can probably tell from the pics, lighting is going to be a major problem.  I do not want to use the flourescent lights.  There are some accent lights, but they're not very bright, especially with natural light coming in through the windows.  Unfortunately there aren't enough windows to just use natural light.  I'm thinking about draping fabric along the walls and pulling sections together in the center and tying with something pretty (don't know what yet).  It'll create diamond shapes and I'll place trees in the empty spaces with string lights hanging on them.

This space I'm thinking about using as the bar area/cake table area/whatever else I might think of to put in there!  I'd like to hang more fabric to hide that 'kitchenette' stuff.  Or at least find a way to dress it up so it isn't so bleah.

reception photo 2

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As I mentioned before, my FI and I are getting married in a theatre.  Specifically the Elkader Opera House in (duh) Elkader, IA.  A little bit of the history of the building can be found here. To sum up, the Opera House was built in 1903 shortly after a fire had burned down the first building.  The first production in on the new stage was a show written by George M. Cohan (wrote Yankee Doodle Dandy and Give My Regards to Broadway among several successful Broadway shows during the 1910's) who also starred as the title role, The Governor's Son.  Since it has housed a variety functions and a community theatre soon took up residence.  In 2004, the theatre was completely renovated and restored to its former glory along with adding a few updates such as air conditioning and an elevator!  

The theatre holds a special place in our hearts because we have both been involved in several of its past productions.  It was also part of the reason I decided to go into theatre.  Here are some photos of the theatre today.

This is the staircase in the foyer of the theatre leading up into the house.  Instead of the creepy mannequin I'm thinking of some displays that tie into our wedding style.

our ceremony venue photo 1 our ceremony venue photo 2

This is the house of the theatre.  The chandelier in the photo is original to the building.  The staircase in the left side of the photo have been finished since this pic was taken.

our ceremony venue photo 3

This is the stage of the theatre. Another view of the chandelier.

our ceremony venue photo 4

We will have access to the entire fly system (the system that brings in and takes out the drops) and the sound system.  We can use the lights for a fee which I'm thinking we'll probably do.  

This is the entrance to the opera house.  I'm a little sad I'm getting married in the middle of June so it won't be dark enough to get this effect, which I think would make a gorgeous photo op.

our ceremony venue photo 5