May 02, 2009

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We decided on a Family Medallion Presentation as part of the ceremony to show DH's son how special he is in our lives, and to state our commitment to him and his future.

We bought him this necklace, from

Including the Kiddo photo 1 We liked that it was teenage boy-friendly in its appearance. He loved it, and was so touched when it was presented to him. He cried, we cried, our guests cried... such a sweet moment! I only have one non-pro pic of it:

Including the Kiddo photo 2


Courtesy of Beach Bum Photography, Pensacola, FL.

*Update: My photographers moved their blog and the pics that were here were lost as a result! So these are not all my teasers, just some random shots I dug up :) I'll try to post more when I get time!



I m Mrs P photo 1

We were married May 2, 2009, in St. George Island, Florida. The wedding was beautiful. Perfect. Everything we had hoped for, and so much more!

Here a few of the non-pro photos (courtesy of PW'er lesliedigs):

I m Mrs P photo 2I m Mrs P photo 3I m Mrs P photo 4I m Mrs P photo 5I m Mrs P photo 6I m Mrs P photo 7I m Mrs P photo 8I m Mrs P photo 9I m Mrs P photo 10I m Mrs P photo 11I m Mrs P photo 12I m Mrs P photo 13I m Mrs P photo 14I m Mrs P photo 15I m Mrs P photo 16I m Mrs P photo 17

I m Mrs P photo 18

I m Mrs P photo 19

I m Mrs P photo 20

A few from Tiffany, one of the BMs:

I m Mrs P photo 21I m Mrs P photo 22I m Mrs P photo 23I m Mrs P photo 24

And a couple from my new SIL:

I m Mrs P photo 25I m Mrs P photo 26I m Mrs P photo 27

I also loved this one that our DJ snapped on his iphone as the photographer was shooting this. The light was so beautiful out on the beach at sunset:

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I saved all these pages so that I could share my inspirations. Everything below is pre-wedding info, with a few post-wedding updates. Hope to help somebody with ideas :)

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DIY Signage photo 1DIY Signage photo 2DIY Signage photo 3

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I originally wasn't going to make programs... but I decided to try my hand at it as a cute little touch for the ceremony. I got lots of help from fellow PW'ers with making a monogram, but ended up using one I made (I didn't know I had it in me, but I was inspired!). Here's my first try:

Get With the Program photo 1 Get With the Program photo 2 The whole she-bang... Some of my cuts are a little wonky - it was literally the first time I'd ever used a paper cutter! The next ones should be better ;)

The monogram I ended up using:

Get With the Program photo 3

I carried the sand dollar motif onto the other pages of the program. I'm really pleased at how they looked when printed!

Get With the Program photo 4