May 02, 2009

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Hair inspiration:

Um can you make me look like this photo 1Um can you make me look like this photo 2Um can you make me look like this photo 3

I'm all about the "undone updo," but i don't know whether my very-thick-but-somewhat-fine hair will stay in something like this (any tips? Holla!). I won't be wearing a veil. I picked up a really cute ivory flower from Forever21 that I'll wear... it matches my dress perfectly and was only $4.80!!!

Post-wedding update:

Here is how my hair really turned out-

Um can you make me look like this photo 4Um can you make me look like this photo 5

1/1/09 - Ok, so, I'm re-thinking the no veil thing... I may leave my hair mostly down in loose curls, and wear a chapel-length veil for the ceremony and photos, then just wear the flower in my hair for the reception... Thoughts?

I'd like to have a couple of pics like these, from K-Gallery and Caroline Johnson Photography:

Um can you make me look like this photo 6Um can you make me look like this photo 7

Here begins my search for the perfect veil... Wish me luck!

Update 2/23/09: The seamstress doing my dress alterations is going to make me a cut-edge chapel length veil for $20!! Also, the PW girls overwhelmingly voted for an updo when I posted my first fitting pics; so, up it is!


Makeup inspiration:

Um can you make me look like this photo 8Um can you make me look like this photo 9Um can you make me look like this photo 10

I think I've settled on a nude-ish lip, and pale pinks, browns, and golds for the eyes. My eyes are shaped very similarly to pic #3, but deeper-set; so I'm somewhat limited with what I can do with shadow (I'll be doing it myself, so it's gotta be easy!). I'm going to try and experiment with false lashes, but I see a disaster in the making! I'll keep ya posted...

My most successful self-applied makeup trial to date. And the look I'll be recreating for the wedding:

Um can you make me look like this photo 11Um can you make me look like this photo 12

Sorry, the second pic is kinda blurry.

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Marisa 737... I love love love it, and the pics don't do it justice (but everyone says that, right?)! :(  I keep finding myself looking at other lace dresses with open backs or keyhole backs, but I always come back to mine (thank goodness! I don't wanna have to buy another dress).

My dress my dress my dress photo 1My dress my dress my dress photo 2My dress my dress my dress photo 3

Gown from Solutions Bridal Designer House (review posted).

2/23/09: First fitting, at Alterations Unlimited in Ocala, FL. Debbie, who's done alterations for almost everyone bride I've known, really knows her stuff. I'm so excited about working with her!

My dress my dress my dress photo 4My dress my dress my dress photo 5My dress my dress my dress photo 6

4/23/09: Final fitting :). I LOVE what she did with the neckline, and it fits like a glove! Excuse the poor quality photo, I only had my Blackberry to take the pic. I was SO thrilled!

My dress my dress my dress photo 7

I often see PW threads asking about the costs of alterations, so I thought I'd share the run-down of my initial quotes from Debbie. I have no idea how these compare to national averages, but hey, it's something, right?

Gown is silk satin with a silk organza overlay, so I know this does impact the prices somewhat. Silk fabrics are generally more expensive to alter, and I'm sure the multiple layers add to the price as well.


  • 2 side seams: $48 each ($96)
  • 2 back seams ("darts" under the bum, to show off the badunkadunk): $32 each ($64)
  • Change neckline (re-cut to deeper "sweetheart"): $28
  • Darts under bust: $14
  • Bra cups: $16
  • Bustle (French): $12 per point ($72)
  • Hem gown (5 layers): $110
  • Steam gown: $25
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A few little projects I've worked on, mostly for kicks since I didn't anticipate anything turning out use-able:


The "guestbook":

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 1Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 2

Sorry for the blurry pic. The message says:


Dear Family and Friends,

We are delighted that you are able to be with us to celebrate this special time in our lives. We would like to commemorate the events surrounding our wedding by creating a scrapbook for future enjoyment.

Please take one of the cards here, and use the special markers to sign your name, jot down a message or a wish for our marriage, or share a memory of one or both of us that is particularly dear to your heart. Please write only on one side of your card, and be sure to sign your name to your message!

Thank you, again, for being here! We’re so thankful for all the special people in our lives!

With love,

Dan and Andrea


My toss bouquet - I'm not sure I'll use this b/c I'm not loving my flower-making job, but I love the idea. It's hard to see from the bouquet pic, but inside each flower is a token with a quote about love on one side, and a virtue/value related to marriage on the other:

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 3Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 4


I used the same concept for tokens to make drink tags for the guests' glasses (they'll be tied to the stem with pale yellow ribbon):

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 5


My attempt at a card box (it's actually cuter than the pic suggests, imho):

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 6


My hair flower:

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 7


Cupcake stand (we're only having ~40 guests; I know it looks a little lopsided in the pic, but it was the angle of the photo - I leveled and measured all around =D):

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 8


Post-wedding Update: I ended up adding a tier to the cupcake stand... It just needed something. Here's how it looked all set up for the reception:

Maybe I CAN be a DIY er photo 9


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We decided to use colors from nature to complement the scenery, rather than compete with it. We'll use varying shades of whites, creams, and beiges, with pops of sunny yellow and chocolate brown.

My first inspiration board, so be kind :)

Inspired by Nature photo 1

I purchased a HUGE roll of natural burlap, and cut table squares to go over the ivory tablecloths. FMIL is making linen table runners in a soft yellow shade. I hope to post pics of my final mock-up when I get the table runners from her.

I've made centerpieces in globe jars like the ones in the inspiration board. Each has sand in the base, with either a starfish or piece of white coral, as well as a votive in a smaller glass vase.

I'm DYING to re-create this beautiful arbor for our ceremony! Just have to find me some dead trees...

Inspired by Nature photo 2 Photo courtesy of Paul and Mecheal Johnson, of Paul Johnson Photography. Check out their blog; the work is unbelievable!

Update 4/1/09: As much as I loved the tree branch altar, I've decided to scrap the plan due to transport logistics (imagine transporting two 12' long by 5' wide trees in the back of a pickup truck damage-free, and you'll see where I'm coming from!). Instead, I've decided to line the aisle with poles adorned with ribbon, and possibly surround the circular seating area with the same. I've already bought the ribbon in white and soft yellow, and the bamboo poles are a medium-dark brown. I hope it looks the way I'm imagining!

Post-wedding Update: Here's how the ribbon poles turned out:

Inspired by Nature photo 3

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We decided early on a beach wedding, which is something that I've always wanted. Luckily, Dan liked that idea, and was all over the venue search right away! It took a while but we found this great location - St. George Island, which is on the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle.

Neither of us is big on formality, so it will be a casual event. The venue is a large beach house with a roomy poolside lanai. We'll get married on the beach, and move the guests to the pool deck for the reception. We are planning, paying for, and hosting it ourselves; so we just wanted to keep it simple, make sure it would suit both of our personalities, and be fun and relaxed for everyone. 

Some photos of the home:

The Venue Bliss and the Beach photo 1The Venue Bliss and the Beach photo 2

Beach property rental courtesy of St. George Island Vacation Properties. Edit: The house has changed hands and is now managed by Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island. Property name: Aisle of Palms.

For our evening reception, the entire pool deck of the venue will be lit with candles, including ones encircling the pool and the dance floor (the half-moon shaped area nearest the beach). We'll also string Christmas lights along the fence line, on the trees and bushes, and overhead.

Underneath the house will be set up as a bar/lounge area, with some seating and paper lanterns, as well as more strand lighting. I'd like to drape the walls with sheer white fabric to give it more ambience.

We'll be accommodating the bridal party in the house for the weekend of the wedding, and when it's all over, we'll stay for the rest of the week and honeymoon there. We love the idea of having this huge house all to ourselves! We're also so excited to be able to pull our kayaks out into the water from right there to dolphin-watch, or go biking in the huge state park that's about 500 yards from the front door!

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**For the sake of privacy, I've made a few things viewable by friends only. If you're an active member on the boards, feel free to send me a request!**