Mar 21, 2009

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We went to Zales to trade in FI's ring because we both decided it was plain and he ended up not liking it, so we went to trade it in and it just so happened that the NEW ring he picked out was cheaper than the other one..and you cant just downgrade so I told him to just spend $100 for a wedding present on me since he had been planning on getting me a gift from there anyways, well he said "why dont you just upgrade" Like I was going to say no? I got a new 2 ct ring! My ring before wasnt even like half a ct.!

Its bittersweet, that ring was special but he said he felt like it looked fake and wasnt what i deserved. He actually got one on knee in our apartment "to do it the right way this time" because before he didnt get down on a knee since i picked it out myself...I am so lucky to have the best man in the world (and the most beautiful ring EVER!!!!!)

My ring photo 1My ring photo 22 CT. T.W. Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold - Zales

 DIY Ring Shots:
My ring photo 3My ring photo 4My ring photo 5My ring photo 6

Pro Shots:
My ring photo 7My ring photo 8
My ring photo 9My ring photo 10

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My GORGEOUS dress! Designer: Mori Lee Style #: 2164
Dress Fitting photo 1Dress Fitting photo 2Dress Fitting photo 3
Dress Fitting photo 4Dress Fitting photo 5

Final Fitting:

Dress Fitting photo 6Dress Fitting photo 7Dress Fitting photo 8Dress Fitting photo 9

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Bridal Party Info:

Kenzie Williams- Matron of Honor
Rachel Blansit- Bridesmaid

Jeremy Bost- Best Man
Josh Bost- Groomsman
Daniel Klein- Groomsman

Josh Quackenbush- Usher
Caitlyn Moore- Flowergirl

In Memory:

"Today we pause to remember those who left us too soon, but not before gracing us with special memories only they could create.  They have helped shape our character, mold our spirits and touch our hearts.  We know that they are with us in thought and in spirit today and always.  We love them and miss them very much." 


Thank You:

We would like to thank our family and good friends for sharing this day with us. You have all played a very special role in our lives. From our family to our friends, new and old each of you has touched our lives in some significant way, shaping us as individuals. As we celebrate the joining of our hearts and our souls, we would like to thank you all for your love, support, and friendship over the years, and for coming together today on this very special occasion to share in the joy of our marriage. We would especially like to thank our parents for giving us life, love, and opportunity, and for ALWAYS supporting us wherever our dreams have taken us.

Much Love, Casey and Jeffrey Moore



Programs photo 1Programs photo 2Programs photo 3

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INSPIRATION: (credit: H.Smith's myspace)

Post Chop photo 1Post Chop photo 2

Post Chop photo 3Post Chop photo 4

Post Chop photo 5Post Chop photo 6

and a month after our wedding, I went even shorter lol
Post Chop photo 7Post Chop photo 8

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We had some drama involving my bridal shower but in the end it all worked out and my girls did a wonderful job of throwing my shower at my aunt's house. My aunt bought sub sanwhiches from subway, rachel had my cake made at sam's and she came up with about 10 games with prizes. These are the games I remember:

(1) Each guest got a plastic ring when they walked in the door, the only rule was you couldnt say 'Bride', if you say 'bride' someone takes your ring away- the person w/ the most rings at the end of the day got a prize

(2) A-Z Wedding: Each guest got a piece of paper labeled A through Z, the person with the most wedding related words from A to Z got a prize (

(3) How Well Do You Know The Bride Game: Each guest got a paper with a list of questions, the person with the most correct answers won a prize (

(4) How well do the bride & groom know each other?: The bridesmaids asked the groom questions, the guests had to guess the number of questions they thought we would answer the same (

(5) Whats In Your Purse? Each guest had a checklist with items that would be in a purse (some normal, some not-so-normal) the person with the most in their purse won a prize (

(6) Before the party, the girls drew a star on the bottom of one of the plates- whoever picked up that plate won a prize

Bridal Shower photo 1Bridal Shower photo 2
Bridal Shower photo 3Bridal Shower photo 4Bridal Shower photo 5Bridal Shower photo 6Bridal Shower photo 7Bridal Shower photo 8
Bridal Shower photo 9Bridal Shower photo 10

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We are planning on doing a TTD session for our 1 year anniversary (hopefully sooner!)

TTD Inspiration photo 1TTD Inspiration photo 2

2 for 1 Prints - 3 days left
TTD Inspiration photo 4TTD Inspiration photo 5

TTD Inspiration photo 6TTD Inspiration photo 7TTD Inspiration photo 8TTD Inspiration photo 9TTD Inspiration photo 10TTD Inspiration photo 11TTD Inspiration photo 12TTD Inspiration photo 13TTD Inspiration photo 14TTD Inspiration photo 15TTD Inspiration photo 16TTD Inspiration photo 17TTD Inspiration photo 18TTD Inspiration photo 19TTD Inspiration photo 20

Credit: Beatie
TTD Inspiration photo 21TTD Inspiration photo 22

Credit: Kohler44
Reception, Wedding

TTD Inspiration photo 23

Credit: march142009

TTD Inspiration photo 24TTD Inspiration photo 25

TTD Inspiration photo 26

TTD Inspiration photo 27



Some inspration for our look: