Mar 21, 2009

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DH: "Incase you get cold feet socks", some "groom" boxers from davids bridal, a b-pic book and some cufflinks with his logo on them (from etsy seller: bellamodartist)
Gifts photo 1Gifts photo 2
Gifts photo 3

My daddy: A hanky & a picture frame with an 8 x 10 engagement picture
Gifts photo 4

My Mom: A hanky & a picture frame with an 8 x 10 engagement picture
Gifts photo 5

Monogramed tote bag (3 for $5 at walmart) I had my DH embroider their initial on them, a monogramed koozie from (, a makeup bag, photo album, a personalized initial and frame that I made, $1 damask flip flops from the Dollar Tree and $1 notebook from Michaels.
Gifts photo 6Gifts photo 7

Flasks, engraved pocket knife, hat, and a bottle of crown
Gifts photo 8Gifts photo 9

Same thing for the best man, with a watch
Gifts photo 10 

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My DH's boss takes pictures on the side as a hobby, he offered to take our engagement pictures & wedding pictures free of charge. He gave us over 200 unedited pictures on a disk and since DH is a graphic designer he will edit our pictures in photoshop

Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4Engagement Pictures photo 5Engagement Pictures photo 6Engagement Pictures photo 7Engagement Pictures photo 8Engagement Pictures photo 9Engagement Pictures photo 10Engagement Pictures photo 11Engagement Pictures photo 12

Edited by theprincessbride

Engagement Pictures photo 13Engagement Pictures photo 14Engagement Pictures photo 15Engagement Pictures photo 16Engagement Pictures photo 17

edited by H.Smith

Engagement Pictures photo 18Engagement Pictures photo 19Engagement Pictures photo 20

edited by my DH

Engagement Pictures photo 21

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Marriage License photo 1Marriage License photo 2Marriage License photo 3Marriage License photo 4


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How I dyed my petticoat/crinoline:
I had to come up with another way to dye mine since I live in apts and (1) we dont have hot water in the washing machine (2) I cannot stop the wash cycle to let it soak

Your petticoat
Bucket that you can throw away afterwards
Stirring utensil that you can throw away afterwards
HOT water
Rubber gloves

Step 1: Wash in washing machine & let it air dry over night
Step 2: Fill a bucket (that you can throw away afterwards) 1/3 of the way full with HOT water
Step 3: Dip the petticoat into the clear, hot water before hand, take it out and sit it to the side (or in the sink)
Step 4: Pour half the bottle (or power) in the bucket of hot water, mix with a utensil that you dont mind throwing away later
Step 5: Put your rubber gloves on and drop the petticoat into the bucket and mix it (with your hands) around so that the whole petticoat is evenly coated
I dyed my petticoat photo 1
Step 6: Let the petticoat soak, stir occasionally. After about 30-45 mins, lift the petticoat up to uncrinkle it and drop it back in
Step 7: Rinse the petticoat off in the sink (start with hot water, gradually cooling off to cool water) until the water runs clear
Step 8: Wash in washing machine
Step 9: Hang to air dry


I dyed my petticoat photo 2I dyed my petticoat photo 3


I dyed my petticoat photo 4I dyed my petticoat photo 5


I dyed my petticoat photo 6I dyed my petticoat photo 7

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                                header.jpg picture by cashby

After an amazing and unforgetable summer together, we got engaged on October 19, 2007. We were planning a black and white wedding with red accents but after discovering PW, it became all about damask! Our colors changed to black and red with damask accents :) We only had a budget of $5,000 so it was interesting, stressful and insightful. I definately became a DIY bride with the help of you lovely ladies. We pulled it off though and everything came together beautifully.

We were married on March 21, 2009 in West, Texas. I am so happy to finally be married to the love of my life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

                              Our wedding website:

                              wedding websites

                                   About Us photo 1

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Flowergirl Dress- size 8
FOR SALE photo 1
Red glitter girls shoes, size 13
FOR SALE photo 2FOR SALE photo 3

Red basket
FOR SALE photo 4

Size 8.5 Brand New

FOR SALE photo 5


10 ceramic rose vases (8 x 11.5 paper for reference)

FOR SALE photo 6FOR SALE photo 7

78 white organza bags

FOR SALE photo 8


Cake serving set with red rhinestones
FOR SALE photo 9

Silk bouquet (minus the pearls & 'M')

FOR SALE photo 10FOR SALE photo 11

damask card box
FOR SALE photo 12