Aug 28, 2010

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Since I don't really want random (and not-so-random) people stalking me, I have kept some of my entries viewable by friends only.  Please friend me if you would like to see the rest!

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Photos taken in and around the Green Room

Must Take Photos photo 1

  Must Take Photos photo 2   Must Take Photos photo 3



Must Take Photos photo 4

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  Crystal Manzanita Tree

I purchased this beautiful crystal manzanita tree from a fellow NorCal bride, Lilleybug.

Random Details photo 1    Random Details photo 2


            Place Setting

    Appointment at Hartmann Rentals

Random Details photo 3



Ring Bearer Pillow                                                                                          


Random Details photo 4                     

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Bridal Bouquet

Flowers photo 1

Eggplant callalilies with cymbidium orchids.


Groom's Bout

Flowers photo 2

Eggplant calalily with Monkeytail


Reception Centerpieces

Flowers photo 3     Flowers photo 4

Mixture of tall curly willow branches with and phalaenopsis orchids & trio of submerged purple florals (cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids and eggplant callalilies).


Escort Table

Flowers photo 5

    Tall dramatic arrangement of phalaenopsis orchids with large river rocks.

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The dress on the left will be worn by my 4 bridesmaids and the dress on the right will be worn by my MOH (my younger sis).  They are from Alfred Angelo's 2010 Collection in Eggplant:

Bridal Party Attire photo 1       Bridal Party Attire photo 2


The Men

Since we're having our wedding in downtown San Francisco, we're going for a modern sophisticated look.

Bridal Party Attire photo 3

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FI's from Lübeck, Germany, which is known for their marzipan.  In an effort to incorporate as many aspects of our two cultures in the wedding, I thought it would be really cool if we purchased the following marzipan hearts from Niederegger (which is based in Lübeck) as our wedding favors, with a tag that says "danke":

    Favors photo 1Favors photo 2