Aug 15, 2009

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Our colors are black, champagne, and pink as an accent. We are doing black linens, and are playing with the idea of a taupe damask overlay- if we can find it cheap enough!

We haven't finalized anything but here are some images I love, many from the ladies here on PW- thank you!

Reception inspiration photo 1Reception inspiration photo 2

Reception inspiration photo 3Reception inspiration photo 4

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We decided to do a magnet, we used We used a picture from the cruise he proposed on. In person it looks like a Polaroid:

                             Save The Date photo 1

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Lilies, lilies, lilies! I love starazers and casablancas! Our colors are black and champagne, so the pop will come from the bright pink flowers =)

I don't really know for sure what we are doing for center pieces, but they will involve pink lilies with a mix of other bright flowers on our black linens.



Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8

Once I have some pictures of my finished branches (for next to the guest book and place cards) I will post them! I'm excited I think they will fit nicely with everything!

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So we searched high and low, but finally decided on these:

Bridesmaid dresses photo 1

Don't like the shoes in the picture, and the colors are actually black dress with champagne sash, but I'm excited I think they will look amazing!

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Jim Kennedy Photographers- Eric Cotter! He is amazing and really passionate about his work! We have had a few friends use them for their weddings and were really impressed with how their pictures turned out. We had our engagement pictures done in Old Town Orange (after some great advice from the PW ladies =) and were thrilled with how everything turned out! We know he will do a fabulous job on the big day.

We don't plan to see each other until the ceremony (waterproof mascara!) so we will take bridesmaid and groomsmen pictures separately down by the pier by our venue. The after the ceremony we plan to take group shots (there is a piano we can use at the venue so that should be fun!)

Some engagmenet shots...

Photographer photo 1Photographer photo 2Photographer photo 3Photographer photo 4

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So I'm half Spanish and half Irish, but I went with my romantic Spanish side when doing all the planning. I am definately one of those people who like to see all my options before I make a decision, so needless to say dress shopping wasn't any different! It took a couple trips to find my dress, I wasn't like my best friends who found theirs on the 1st try! I think that I am someone who knows what I don't like 1st, before I know what I do like. I actually found my dress when I went searching on a day after work by myself (all the other trips were with my mom and grandma and aunt, and a few of my wonderful bridesmaids). The boutique is near my work so I went to see a dress I had put on my "favorite's" list. While I was waiting to try it on again I noticed the train of another dress and loved how it flowed. The assistant told me I should just try it, and she was right, I loved it!!! Now if it would only come in already! They say it should be here by May....

The Dress photo 1      The Dress photo 2