Jul 04, 2009

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I had the most amazing bachelorette party ever. We did a Stripper 101 class in the afternoon which was such a blast, I had no idea how much mechanics went into a good lap dance or pole routine. I am totally determined to get a pole installed in my room LOL! So much fun. We all rocked matching tanks that my MOH made. Later that night we took a limo from the hotel to a yummy dinner at Grand Lux and finished our night at TAO. It was so much fun!!! Me and the BM's and 2 of my close friends left the hotel in black, my cousins showed up at dinner in black and my friends showed up at TAO all in black....I just thought it was amazing that people all came through and deliberately made a wardrobe decision in favor of me....silly, but I thought it was amazing.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 1

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 2

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 4

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 5

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 6

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun photo 7

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Do it herself  ;P

Some of my DIY projects:

Water Bottles:

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 1DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 2

(The preliminary, wrong ink and wrong bottle LOL, will post updated soon)

I ordered the water-proof water bottle labels from and in photoshop I simplified our monogram so it was just our names, I made a barcode where the numbers are our wedding date and added nutritional content.


DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 3

I bought these el cheapo 10 x 13 frames from Wal-Mart for $5 each (more on the 10 x 13 frames later). I didn't like the look of the exposed open corner, I wanted a "flushed" look so on each side, one edge of the perpendicular frame became part of the new frame (you can see this a little bit better in the finished, unpainted box photo).

I attached the frames together with L brackets from Home Depot.

I knew I wanted to be able to open and close my box with ease at any time and also lock it. So, also at home depot, I purchased wood and had 2 pieces cut to the exact measurement of the circumferance of the box.

I also wanted it to rotate so I picked up a lazy susan (at yep, you guessed it Home Depot) and attached it to the wood that would be on the bottom of the box---this was THE hardest task of all, I had such a hard time :@

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 4

I drilled holes on the top layer where I wanted my slot to be. I then went around the holes with a jigsaw to cut out a rectangular opening.

I attached the top piece of wood with cabinet hinges and screwed on a lock.

I didn't like the raw edge of the wood so I purchased some wooden molding from Michaels and secured them along the edges and along the open card-slot area to frame it.

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 5 raw unfinished and unfinished

I then painted it black (well, I painted it brown first but changed my colors, then I painted it black)

Now, about the 10 x 13 frame: No wonder it was so damn cheap! This size is pretty rare, I had such a hard time trying to print out 10 x 13 size prints, so I settled for 8 x 10's. Now, the problem with this was that I needed photo mats, which are also a pain in the deriere to find. So I ended up using card stock cut to 10 x 13 size and mounted my 8 x 10's onto that.

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 6

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 7

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 8


Blinged out Cake Topper:

Images coming soon!

Blinged out Toasting Flutes & Cake Server:

Images coming soon!

Thank You Parasol:

Images coming soon!

Marble Message Magnets for Favor Boxes:

Images coming soon!

Photo Coasters for Sponsors:

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 9

I bought tiles for .16 cents each at Home Depot.

I took one of our e-pics, photoshopped in the "Thank You", and had several sheets printed out at kinkos (I used the online file upload tool and just picked them up, easy peasy) Technically you can use any paper or design you like, you can also fill up all the space on the tile.

I used a paper punch for the scallops to add some texture around the pictures

Then I stuck them on with a thin layer of mod podge glue on the back and then over again on the top (had lots leftover from marble magnet project)

When they were dry, I water-proofed them with a clear gloss coating spray

I bought cork rolls from Michaels and cut them into same size squares as the tiles and used liquid nails adhesive to attach them...

Voila, photo coasters. I made 40 for <$15 ($20 ish including the mod podge but I already had it)

Wine Labels for Sponsors:

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 10

I'll try and get a better pic of this to show you. We will be giving these along with the coasters and some cheese in a basket for our sponsors.

I bought wine labels from

I bought 20 bottles of $2 buck Chuck from Trader Joes (btw, it's now $3 buck Chuck, it doesn't sound as fun though huh?)

Soaked them in tubs of water for about 2 days to really get the adhesive to disintegrate and loosen up. We then peeled off the labels, and wiped clean.

I totally had to make the template from scratch, this was the tricky part because the labels came with the stickers that you see on champagne bottles and I had to work around those. I do have a photoshop template if you need one so pm me.

I took an artys looking e-pic and made a design it says "2006 Merlot" on the red stripe and "Thank you for being a part of our special day. Love, Sharie & Ray"

Printed on my inkjet and affixed to the bottles.

Hair Flower:

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 11 modeled by my daughter, hence the "bigness" lol

Ringbearer Pillow:

DesertRain can DIY uhhhh DIH photo 12

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Accessories photo 1 my garter

Accessories photo 2 this picture=no justice, way pretty in person

Accessories photo 3 bracelet

Accessories photo 4 my wedding day scent (what I was wearing when we first met...awwwwe)

Still no shoes, don't think I will bring a purse....

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Not much but I just wanted to post my DIY something blue boy shorts that I made from some super comfy cotton panties and iron on transfers from Michaels. It's too hot in Vegas to wear those cute Sexy Little Bride hoodies or "Mrs ____" ones, so I'm wearing the VS "Bride" tank and my boy shorts with my Rocky Balboa robe (lol, I call it that I feel pumped and ready to go like a boxer when I put it on teehee) it's really the "Bride" robe from VS. I LOVE IT. My favorite shower present ;)

Getting Ready Gear photo 1 front

Getting Ready Gear photo 2 back (I LOVE the back)

and yes, I plan on wearing them under my dress as my something blue ;) They're sooooooooo comfy and nobody will see them anyway.

Getting Ready Gear photo 3

Getting Ready Gear photo 4

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Our wedding photographer relocated from Las Vegas to PA (across the country) and we were having a hard time scheduling our e-session with her so we will be doing a family session with her after the wedding but I really wanted some pictures beforehand so I enlisted in a brilliant up and coming local photographer, Joey Allen. We scheduled a 6 a.m. shoot to get a time slot and also to take pictures before all the tourists jammed up the spots but it was well worth it and I am more than pleased with his work.

Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2Engagement Pictures photo 3

Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5

Engagement Pictures photo 6

Engagement Pictures photo 7

Engagement Pictures photo 8Engagement Pictures photo 9

Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11

Engagement Pictures photo 12Engagement Pictures photo 13

Engagement Pictures photo 14

Engagement Pictures photo 15Engagement Pictures photo 16


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The Story:

So where do I begin? We first noticed each other on a Friday night at a lounge in Las Vegas. Assuming he was a tourist and vice versa, and the fact that we didn't exchange a single word, we both thought we would never see each other again. We had no idea each other was a local Las Vegan! I thought about his smile that whole night until the next day, my friend said he was bringing a friend with him to hang out and low and behold, there was the guy from the night before.  Was it fate? Most likely but either way, we've pretty much been together ever since.

We are already married, we tied the knot in a romantic, intimate ceremony (just the two of us) in a Las Vegas wedding chapel--which was always a dream of mine. And we are now planning the church wedding & reception that we will celebrate with our family & friends on the 4th of July, 2009--our anniversary!

The Love Story photo 1The Love Story photo 2

The Love Story photo 3