Jun 12, 2010

I am a long-time PW bride turned Community Coordinator. I <3 PW!
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Our toasting flutes from Things Remembered.  Todd picked these out all by himself.  :) .......

Reception Details photo 1

My amazing aunt who arranged our flowers:

Reception Details photo 2

One of my DIY pomanders, which were hanging in the windows at the reception:

Reception Details photo 3

Paper lanterns borrowed from my sister after she used them in her wedding last year:

Reception Details photo 4

I found these adorable napkins at Marshalls and just had to have them for our cake table:

Reception Details photo 5

Bamboo utensil holder that I found at Dollar Tree.  What a steal!...

Reception Details photo 6

Cream cheese mints made by Todd's mom...yum!...

Reception Details photo 7

This amazing guestbook quilt was a gift made by one of Todd's aunts.  It is so gorgeous and everybody loved it!...

Reception Details photo 8

Some of our flowers...

Reception Details photo 9

Reception Details photo 10

Reception Details photo 11

The overall look of the room...

Reception Details photo 12

I love this picture taken from the back deck, looking into the reception room...

Reception Details photo 13

 All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.

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My husband loves tractors.  Especially John Deere tractors.  So when we discovered that a friend of the family actually has a little farm and John Deere tractor mini-museum, we knew it would make a perfect spot for pictures.  We planned to go before the ceremony, but I was running behind, so these got pushed to the end of the day.  We were so hot and half of my makeup had melted off by this point, but I still love these pictures!

Down on the Farm photo 1

Down on the Farm photo 2

Down on the Farm photo 3

Down on the Farm photo 4

Down on the Farm photo 5

Down on the Farm photo 6


All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.

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Todd and I got married at Camp Loucon, a Christian camp that was the perfect spot for our rustic outdoor wedding.....

Our Ceremony photo 1

It was a little off the beaten path, but the scenery was beautiful....

Our Ceremony photo 2

Despite a forecast of thunderstorms, the weather was beautiful (but hot!) all day at our little outdoor chapel...

Our Ceremony photo 3

Our personalized water bottles (not pictured) and DIY program fans helped guests beat the heat....

Our Ceremony photo 4

Our photo guestbook...

Our Ceremony photo 5

We kept the decorations to a minimum because the rustic little space already had so much charm...

Our Ceremony photo 6

When the heat index went over 100 degrees, the guys made the decision to ditch their jackets, and I didn't complain one bit...

Our Ceremony photo 7

My sister, my father, my son, and I arrived at the ceremony in this beautiful horse-drawn carriage (a wedding gift from some of my family)...

Our Ceremony photo 8

And my handsome son walked me down the aisle and gave me away...

Our Ceremony photo 9

We had been waiting for this moment for so long and it was finally here...

Our Ceremony photo 10

This is where we became a family...

Our Ceremony photo 11

The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful, and I was totally in the moment...

Our Ceremony photo 12

And then the big kiss...

Our Ceremony photo 13

And now we're husband and wife...

Our Ceremony photo 14

And we rode away in our carriage, happy as can be...

Our Ceremony photo 15

All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.

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I had originally planned on wearing a white flower in my hair, but I misplaced it the week before the wedding.  When I mentioned to my sister that I was considering a veil, she offered to let me borrow hers.  It was very simple.  I tried it, and I loved it!

I styled my own hair the day of the wedding, and my sister had a bit of a hard time getting the veil to hold firmly in place.  We finally got it in place and I really felt like a bride.

Getting Ready photo 1

Getting Ready photo 2

Holding my shoes and feeling a little was almost time!...

Getting Ready photo 3

Touching up my lipstick...

Getting Ready photo 4

My mom helped me with my earrings...

Getting Ready photo 5

Getting Ready photo 6

A moment to reflect on the excitement of being a bride...

Getting Ready photo 7

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Since our wedding and reception were held at a summer camp, we thought a S'mores station would make the perfect touch!  (We did these in lieu of favors.)

We used 2 tabletop fire bowls that we found on clearance at WalMart for $25 each.  And we used graham crackers, marshmallows, and mini Hershey's chocolate bars.  Oh, and wooden skewers that we had soaked in water to keep them from burning so fast.

The S'mores station was a big hit!

S mores photo 1

S mores photo 2

S mores photo 3

S mores photo 4

S mores photo 5

S mores photo 6

All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.


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This is the first design.  I'm going to do a few different kinds of puzzles on the back of them.

They were inspired by these:

My DIY program fans photo 1 My DIY program fans photo 2