Dec 05, 2009

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I really want to pay attention to all the little details.  I think little touches really personalize weddings.  So one project I'm working on is altering some trays for our appetizers to be served on.  I was inspired by a bride here on PW: thebunny. 

Here is the inspiration:

Misc photo 1


Here is one of the trays I purchased.  I got mine at Pier One for 75% off after Christmas...they were only $3.50 each!  I am going to add either gold or dark red "diamond confetti" and have a friend custom cut piece of glass to cover the "diamond confetti" so the appetizers can sit on top.  (ignore the dust...this is the pic I took in the store to send to my fiance):

Misc photo 2

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I LOVE dresses!  Always have, always will.  The wedding dress is the ultimate dress so needless to say I have been struggling with this decision.  If it were a perfect world I would choose a Kenneth Pool dress but I don't think my dad agrees and since he is paying there you have it.  I hadn't actually ever thought about what type of dress I would get but once I got engaged I kind of thought I would go for the mermaid style.  But once I started trying them on I realized there is no feeling (for me anyway) like a huge princess dress!  Plus, my mom would like me to have a "Princess Diana train" (in her own words).  I'm getting sold on the idea actually.  At this point I have tried on dresses at eight different places...really, EIGHT.  I am super picky and so far nothing screams "THE dress" to me.  There are some contenders though.  I think I am either going with silk satin or tulle.  So here are my current possibles:

Maggie Sottero "Sirena":

Dresses photo 1Dresses photo 2

Loved this Amalia Carrera one but a little too much money:

Dresses photo 3  Dresses photo 4

This one was pretty but not the princess look I think I want:

Dresses photo 5

I liked this Casablanca one in person but in the pictures it looks cheap to me:

Dresses photo 6

Another one that was pretty (this one is by Rina di Montella):

Dresses photo 7


Maggie Sottero "Cosette":

Dresses photo 8


Maggie Sottero "Bianca":

Dresses photo 9


I don't remember the style no. but this one is by "Marisa":

Dresses photo 10


Another Casablanca:

Dresses photo 11


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About us photo 1


We are getting married on December 5, 2009.  We have been together for almost seven years and are thrilled to finally be getting married!  We met in History class during undergrad.  I am SO not into history studies and had really hoped to get out of taking the class but thank goodness I wasn't able to because I would have never met my wonderful future husband!  Also, my interest in seeing him everyday kept me going to class and I actually got an "A"!!!!  :)  From our first "official" date on April 13, 2002 we've never wanted anything but to be together.  We love to travel and have been all over together.  We also have lived all across California (never moved in together though) Rohnert Park, San Diego, La Costa, Leucadia, San Francisco, Stockton, matter where we go we always make it work.

We are having a Winter Wedding in way Northern California...well doesn't actually snow there.  In fact it might be quite got up to 68 degrees on the same date in 2008.  We're hoping it's cold though so that our theme doesn't seem ridiculous.  Our colors are dark red and a bronze-y gold and lots of sparkle! 

It is soooo unlike me to "blog" or create a biography but I have been silently stalking this website for the last three months.  I LOVE this site!  I may even say I am obsessed!  Definitely, definitely wedding obsessed.  I figure it isn't too bad to be obsessed with wedding planning and website least I am trying to restrain myself from driving my friends crazy with wedding talk by expending that energy via Project Wedding!  Thanks to all of you for your beautiful pictures, creative ideas, and helpful information.