Jun 18, 2005

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Currently, I am an executive assistant at a TV Production company in Los Angeles, CA. A California native I left the comforts of home to attend college at The University of Kansas and received my BGS in Theatre & Film with the focus on Film. Going away to college was an experience in some ways it was awful, too many narrow minds. How many times did I hear "But you don't look like the Baywatch babes" when I mentioned I was from CA. Ugh! But in many ways it was a wonderful experience. I made an amazing friend who I love like a sister and through her I met the wonderful man I later married. But that is another story. . .

In 1997 I was a Sophomore at The University of Kansas, it was at that time I found a true friend in a girl on my floor who was from Nebraska, Monica. We became the best of friends very quickly and the year flew by. In 1998 we were once again back at school and living in the same dorm. One weekend Monica took me home with her and she invited some friends over. I noticed the tall quiet guy, Trevor, who had come with Monica's friend Andy but I did not approach him, he did not seem to be in the best of moods. In fact, he looked confused. It was while we were sitting at a table in a drugstore style place that I noticed Trevor was wearing a silver ring with a wolf's head on it. I love wolves and without thinking that he may not want to talk, I asked him about it. He seemed startled that I was paying attention to him and he talked about how he too loved wolves and nature. I was touched by his soft tone of voice and the way he would look down after every pause in the conversation. I did not push him to talk I let him off easy. It was such a fun comfortable evening. I knew I wanted to see Trevor again. He was interesting to me not so much for what he said, because he did not say all that much to me, it was his manner, his eyes, his face, they all caught my interest. I wanted to know why he was who he was even though I did not know that about myself. We met up on other outings, renting videos to watch at Monica's house or going out to movies and they came to visit us at school. We went to Omaha every chance we could. On one of those visits, as I got ready to leave for school, Trevor gave me a music mix tape that had a note explaining that the first song had important lyrics. I put it in the tape deck and The Beatles Ticket to Ride came on, when the lyrics 'I think I'm gonna be sad, I think it's today. The girl that's driving me mad is going away.' I knew this was a special guy I had found. The next time we all got together was for Halloween. We went and rented all the old monster movies and vegged out on the couch at Monica's house. Trevor held me tight and let me rest my head on his chest. I felt so calm with him, an inner peace I did not know I was capable of. Halloween was the night that Trevor and I officially became a couple. Monica and Andy took great pride in our relationship and it was later that Monica owned up to setting Trevor and I up. It is so obvious to me now but back then I did not catch on one bit. We dated fort he next 2 years, and although school gave us many challeneges as did the distance between us we still found a way.

I graduated a month before Trevor did so I went home for a few weeks and started the search for a job. I flew to Omaha in the first week of June. I went with Trevor's Mom and Stepfather to his graduation, I cheered for him as he had for me. At his graduation party, I met all his friends and we swapped stories about Trevor until late in the night. For the next few days, we went hiking through his favorite forest and walked all over the places we had been to when we first started dating. We went to a botanical garden on the Friday before my roommate, Diana, from my first year at college, got married. It was beautiful; all the roses were in bloom and we waded through the blooms smelling them all. In the center of the rose garden is a metal sphere sculpture, as I admired it Trevor knelt down beside me and proposed. He barely had time to finish the question before I said yes. I did not have to think at all I just knew this was right. We could not afford a ring at the time so, I used a diamond ring my late father had given me years before until we could find a ring. We went to the wedding the next day and shared our news with the bride and groom but made no big deal of it after all it was their day.