Jun 18, 2005

Middle Ranch Lodge
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Middle Ranch Lodge was a beautiful location for our wedding. It had everything we wanted. We had our non-traditional ceremony on the lawn to the left of the walkway and the evening sun set it a glow. All our pictures came out beautifully. The reception was held outside under the patio with a cocktail hour there as well. The guests mingled around the pool or the patio. The main lodge has a large firplace and we used it to display our engagement picture. The soft leather couches in the lodge were a nice place for my grandparents to relax and the cake table was set up between the doors out to the patio so everyone could see the beautiful cake as they came in from the ceremony. I still have people commenting on how lovely it all was. The only problem I had was with the catering staff, specifically the head of the staff, Lorenzo. He didn't seem to be very happy with his job. He scowled most of the time and although I gave him an itinerary he kept coming up and asking mw when things would happen and if we deviated time wise from the itinerary then he came up to hurry us along. I made that itinerary to be loosely set so that there would be time incase other things took longer, like taking pictures. And I explained that a number of times to Lorenzo but he kept rushing us along and it was downright rude. He also chose not to come to me when there was a problem with the champagne I brought in. I paid a corkage fee but since my bottles were magnums the rate I paid was not enough to cover the larger bottle. No problem, that's what that $400 refundable deposit was for, to cover extra charges. But instead of coming to me he went to my mother-in-law. She was very kind and told him that it would be covered and to just pour the champagne. I was oblivious to this which I am still irked about because I planned this wedding on my own and made sure all the vendors knew I was the contact person. Unfortunately, the trouble with Lorenzo didn't stop there. After the cake cutting and a bit more dancing I noticed people started to say good-bye and I was surprised as we still had 2 hours left to celebrate. And thats when I noticed the tables had been cleared, the candles were out, centerpieces removed the napkins, glasses etc. gone and thats when I found out Lorenzo had told my mother-in-law that if we didnt clean up now we would be charged. Like hell! I paid up for two more hours (2 and a half actually, the last 30 minutes is assigned for clean up by the caterer). But most of the guests had left and everything had been cleared. I was very upset about this and that is why I called the owner to complain. Even the Middle Ranch staff (separate from the caterers) were shocked by this treatment. But even with this bad part it was still a great wedding. People came up to me all night thanking me for a great party, telling me they hadnt danced so much in years, how pretty everything was, how personal it was. That meant so much to me. Middle Ranch was a wonderful place to be married and normally I would recommend it to everyone. But due to the horrid service I received from Lorenzo with Cynthia Brooks Catering I simply cannot recommend it unless you find out that Lorenzo is no longer a member of staff or can request that he not be assigned to your event. The food was amazing and the other staff members were very kind and happy.
Services used: Wedding Venue