Aug 08, 2009

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                                         AUGUST 8TH, 2009; THE DAY WENT LIKE THIS...

I checked into our honeymoon suite the night of the rehearsal (the day before the wedding) with my maid of honor, since she lived out of state. The hotel is gorgeous, a newly built Motor City Casino/Hotel in Detroit

                                      THE BIG DAY photo 1

                             As I entered the room I was greeted with this on the night stand

                                      THE BIG DAY photo 2

My eyes began to tear up, it was really setting in, in less than 24hrs, I would be someones wife, all the planning done for 19 months was finally at a end. My day was here. I got a few hrs of rest and the day of I got dress and headed to the salon.

My Mother, maid of honor and myself all got our hair done at the salon, it started out perfect, I could hardly eat because I was so EXCITED! I had to force myself to eat a bagel. Then while in the chair, noak's ark made it's way threw the city. It began to rain cats, dogs, elephants, lions, everything (sorry for the dramatics!). Seriously it poured down and continued to rain that afternoon. It put everything off schedule, and I was running like 1 to 1 1/2 hrs behind. It was so bad I thought I wasn't even going to have time to get my makeup down. I begin to cry, all this time of planning my "perfect" day and nothing was going accordingly! Then after much pepping up by my father, my mother and the bridal party, I decided not to let something like rain ruin my day, I decided that from there on out I WAS going to be HAPPY! Which led to some amazing getting ready photos...

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 3

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 4

                                     THE BIG DAY photo 5

                  THE BIG DAY photo 6

                  THE BIG DAY photo 7

                                     Wedding Day fragrance: Flowerbomb (smells soo yummy!)

                  THE BIG DAY photo 8

                                                    DIY Bridal Hoodie- Turned out perfect!

                  THE BIG DAY photo 9

                                               Custom made bracelet by PW Summerbride!

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 10

                                                  My lovely wedding dress, waiting for me

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 11

                                                     View of what it looked like outside

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 12

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 13

                                                     Gorgeous Stuart Weitzman Shoes!

         (I highly suggest having a pop of color for you wedding day shoes, it adds a kick of fun to the dress!)

                  THE BIG DAY photo 14

                                     THE BIG DAY photo 15 

                   THE BIG DAY photo 16


                   THE BIG DAY photo 17

                       Meanwhile on the other side of town my soon to be husband was getting ready

                    THE BIG DAY photo 18

                                               Three Generations; Grandfather, Grandson and Father

                    THE BIG DAY photo 19

                                     As he was getting ready, I was headed to the church

                    THE BIG DAY photo 20

                                                                (Non Pro Pic)

                    THE BIG DAY photo 21

                                         I had to brace myself in the rain to go inside!

                Once I arrived at the church, the photographer began getting pictures of the wedding party

                    THE BIG DAY photo 22

                                                        Cutest 3 yr old Ring bearer

                                       THE BIG DAY photo 23

                                                        One of two flower girls, my niece bella

                      THE BIG DAY photo 24

                                                        Second flower girl, my god sister Niya

                      THE BIG DAY photo 25

                      THE BIG DAY photo 26

                      THE BIG DAY photo 27

                                          THE BIG DAY photo 28

                                                        My Mother with her granddaughter bella

                 THE BIG DAY photo 29

                                            The groom getting his bout pinned on

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 30

Close up of my new engagement ring (I got it for my birthday, 2wks before the wedding) and my DIY bouquet which I'm very proud of! I did all the flowers for the wedding! Which were simple and classic, the touch I wanted!

                                             THE BIG DAY photo 31

Tears came running down as I seen my father for the first time. I practically ruined my makeup!!

                     THE BIG DAY photo 32

                                            My dad being nosey before the ceremony started!

                     THE BIG DAY photo 33

                                  Meanwhile inside my brother was escorting our mother down the aisle!

                     THE BIG DAY photo 34

                                                                 Officially Mr & Mrs!


                 THE BIG DAY photo 35

                 THE BIG DAY photo 36

                                  THE BIG DAY photo 37

                                  THE BIG DAY photo 38



                 THE BIG DAY photo 39

                                                             The Sweetheart Table

                 THE BIG DAY photo 40


                                  THE BIG DAY photo 41

                                  THE BIG DAY photo 42

                                  THE BIG DAY photo 43


              THE BIG DAY photo 44

              THE BIG DAY photo 45

              THE BIG DAY photo 46

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 47

                                    THE BIG DAY photo 48

                THE BIG DAY photo 49

                THE BIG DAY photo 50

                 THE BIG DAY photo 51


This was the best day of my life. All the planning, trial and error with DIY projects and tons of advice from my PW ladies it turned out wonderful! I highly recommend putting your own touches on your wedding, do a few DIY projects, it saved me a ton of money but most importantly I'm able to look back at the personal touches that I did for my special day!!!

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You can view items here, pricing is for local pick up (Metro Detroit), if you are interested in shipping PM for pricing!



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I have jumped on the infamous bandwagon and purchased DIY up-lights! I got them from a fellow PW'er and I'm soo glad! I love the ambiance they give to the room. I will be selling them after my wedding FIY!

                                               Here Are Some Inspiration Pictures:


                                       Light My Fire Baby photo 1

                                                                  From MsCin's Bio


                                        Light My Fire Baby photo 2

                    These are the actual lights I purchased, from NanaBoop's Daughters Wedding!

                                                     Here they are at home:

Light My Fire Baby photo 3    Light My Fire Baby photo 4

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( I know Papernary isn't a word lol)

Designed by PW- Abatty! Check her out in the vendor's section: Alex Tebow Designs

Save the Dates:

  Papernary STATIONARY photo 1       Papernary STATIONARY photo 2



                                                  Papernary STATIONARY photo 3  

Directions Card:

                                  Papernary STATIONARY photo 4

Water Bottle Labels:

Papernary STATIONARY photo 5


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We had such a great time taking these with our photog Kris. It was only 45 degrees outside but in Michigan that's considered warm weather lol! We went to a once abandoned neighborhood that has been turned into a recycled art project in Detroit. Also we went Downtown to take pics off the water. Enjoy!

  Engagements Pictures photo 1Engagements Pictures photo 2

Engagements Pictures photo 3Engagements Pictures photo 4Engagements Pictures photo 5Engagements Pictures photo 6Engagements Pictures photo 7Engagements Pictures photo 8

Engagements Pictures photo 9Engagements Pictures photo 10Engagements Pictures photo 11

 Engagements Pictures photo 12 Engagements Pictures photo 13

Engagements Pictures photo 14 Engagements Pictures photo 15

Engagements Pictures photo 16Engagements Pictures photo 17Engagements Pictures photo 18