Jun 06, 2009

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These are just some of my professional pictures. I tried to limit it to my favorites, but I love so many!! My photographer was AWESOME: Lisa Bennett from The Picture Patch.

Pro Pix photo 1Pro Pix photo 2Pro Pix photo 3Pro Pix photo 4Pro Pix photo 5Pro Pix photo 6Pro Pix photo 7Pro Pix photo 8Pro Pix photo 9Pro Pix photo 10Pro Pix photo 11Pro Pix photo 12Pro Pix photo 13Pro Pix photo 14Pro Pix photo 15Pro Pix photo 16Pro Pix photo 17Pro Pix photo 18Pro Pix photo 19Pro Pix photo 20Pro Pix photo 21Pro Pix photo 22Pro Pix photo 23Pro Pix photo 24Pro Pix photo 25Pro Pix photo 26Pro Pix photo 27Pro Pix photo 28Pro Pix photo 29Pro Pix photo 30Pro Pix photo 31Pro Pix photo 32Pro Pix photo 33Pro Pix photo 34Pro Pix photo 35Pro Pix photo 36Pro Pix photo 37Pro Pix photo 38Pro Pix photo 39Pro Pix photo 40Pro Pix photo 41Pro Pix photo 42Pro Pix photo 43Pro Pix photo 44Pro Pix photo 45Pro Pix photo 46Pro Pix photo 47Pro Pix photo 48Pro Pix photo 49Pro Pix photo 50Pro Pix photo 51Pro Pix photo 52Pro Pix photo 53Pro Pix photo 54Pro Pix photo 55Pro Pix photo 56Pro Pix photo 57


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I haven't been on here in AGES!! I thought I'd share a few pix of our big day....

Non pro pix photo 1After the wedding...I still have dried jasmine in my hair.

Non pro pix photo 2Our wonderful dance-floor decal made as a gift by friends of ours.

Non pro pix photo 3Father-daughter dance...I love my daddy!

Non pro pix photo 4The garter toss was to "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker. I surprised my new hubby by wearing a hat!

Non pro pix photo 5Me with my awesome "Wedding Captain". I recruited her to "deal with sh*t" on the big day...she did a wonderful job; unfortunately, she got a DUI on the way home.

I'll post more when I get my hands on them. I'm still (patiently) waiting on our pro-pics!!

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So, I was going to put away updating my bio for the night, but I just realized I've never posted my ring!! Here it is ladies:

Duh The RING photo 1

I actually wear the point facing out. The guy at the jewelry store (Zales) told me it would look bigger that way...haha. I told FI that little trick would buy him some time until we can trade up the 2 carat version of the same ring (Totally kidding, though!)

When we went ring shopping the first (and only) time, I went with the intention of yellow gold, with one solitaire diamond. I just KNEW that was what I wanted; you couldn't have told me any different. Then I tried the above ring on, and fell in love!!

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So, my colors are:
decor photo 1decor photo 2decor photo 3

Chocolate brown, Light gold, Ivory

My theme is "Rustic Elegance"

We will have minimal church decorations. Maybe a monochrome huge arrangements of ivory flowers. We will also have two large clear glass vases with 5' tall branch clusters from IKEA and river rocks. We are totally stumped on pew decorations. Need to keep brainstorming on that...

Our reception will have long banquet tables with Linen-Like brown tablecloths. These will be the centerpieces:

decor photo 4 Excuse the poor quality cell phone picture. Oh, and ignore the items on either side of the votive holders. We will have a couple more branches and a couple more bleached peacock feathers in the vase to fill it out.

I actually found the votive holders at Pier 1, but they're really stemless glasses. The saleslady was p*ssed when I wanted her to ring up and wrap 60 of them.

decor photo 5We are only using the round ones. Get this....they were on clearance for $.68 each!!

Instead of birdseed, our guests will shower us with dried jasmine buds in these organza bags:

decor photo 6decor photo 7decor photo 8decor photo 9

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I'm having 5 bridesmaids:

MOH: my best friend, Laurrie. I've stood up for her twice, its time for paybacks.

My sister, Sheena. Love her to pieces. She's technically my half-sister, but who's counting. She will have just had her 2nd daughter 2 months before the wedding. I was in her bridal party last June.

My best friend, Heather. She is also returning the bridesmaid favor. She gets the credit for coining my theme "Rustic Elegance" AND she found me the perfect photographer.

My high school (and beyond) friend, Casey. I missed her wedding at Lake Tahoe because I was in Laurrie's wedding in South Padre.

My newest best friend, Mindy. Wonderful woman!! She has done so much for me, and I will never be able to fully repay her.

These lovely ladies will be wearing a beautful Belsoie dress in brown. Can't wait until they get here in April!!

My beautiful bridesmaids photo 1

I'm going to reign in my inner bridezilla and let them pick their own shoes and own hairstyles, though I do want them to have their hair done. I'm thinking...

My beautiful bridesmaids photo 2 My beautiful bridesmaids photo 3or an updo that is equally casual and elegant.

They will also be wearing these necklaces from lia sophia. I'm gonna have to get one for myself, too!!

My beautiful bridesmaids photo 4

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My mom is short like me, and very picky. She also wanted to keep her dress fairly inexpensive. Originally, we fell in love with this Adrianna Papell (in either the short or long version).

MOB dress madness photo 1

But, we kept looking. While trying to help my MOH find shoes, I came across this little number at Speigel.

MOB dress madness photo 2Totally on sale for $139. with an additional 20% off (thank you retailmenot). She ordered it immediately!