Jun 26, 2010

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I bought these premade bouquets and bouts from Save-on-Crafts.  They're real touch silk orchids and seriously do feel real!

I changed the ribbon and added the little letter charms, and voila!

Semi DIY BM Bouquets and GM Bouts photo 1  Semi DIY BM Bouquets and GM Bouts photo 2

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Here's a pic of our inspiration cake.  Our bakery is going to make one just like it (except without the branches)!  :)  The top tier, which will be ALL mine, will be chocolate and bavarian cream, with buttercream icing.  The two bottom tiers will be pumpkin and cream cheese.  YUMMY!

Our Cake photo 1   


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These will be our centerpieces (the votives will be in holders, I just got lazy).  They work out to be around $11 per table!  I love DIY projects.  :)

DIY Centerpieces photo 1 

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Summer is my favorite season, and the summers in Chicago are way too short.  So, I'm taking advantage of getting married in the season and using as many bright, summery colors as I can!  I've changed my original colors of fuschia, orange, and apple green to add a few more colors in.  We'll now have fuchsia, a more muted orange (cantaloupe), coral, and canary yellow, along with the touches of apple green.

  Colors photo 1Colors photo 2


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I am so lucky to have such a talented mom.  She's a professional seamstress and will be making my dress! 

It's going to be a combination of these three dresses.  It will have sleeves and a neckline like the first picture, a rhinestone sash like the second picture, and ruffles on the back like the third picture.  I'm so excited!!!

My Dress photo 1   My Dress photo 2 My Dress photo 3

Here's rhinestone embellishment we bought for the band.

My Dress photo 4

UPDATE:  Here she is!  My mom did a FABULOUS job and I couldn't be happier.  I'm especially thankful for all of the time we got to spend together while she made this for me.  It means so much to me that she made this with love.  I couldn't be more excited to wear it on my big day!

 My Dress photo 5  My Dress photo 6  My Dress photo 7  My Dress photo 8

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My Shoes photo 1