Jun 26, 2010

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It took a few tries (and some help from the PW gals), but I finally got my bouquet put together just right.  I got all of the flowers from  Hobby Lobby for about $30 total, which is a fantastic deal for real touch flowers.  The quality is so good, you seriously cannot tell that they aren't real, even when you touch the petals! 

DIY My Bouquet FI s Bout photo 1  DIY My Bouquet FI s Bout photo 2  

FI's bout:

DIY My Bouquet FI s Bout photo 3


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These are our two little boys.  The black one is Brutus and the fawn one is George.  They have such huge personalities that are strangely similar to ours. Friends have actually said that Brutus is like me (mellow and quiet) and George is just like Brian (hyper and always causing some sort of riff raff).  :)


Our Kids photo 1



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I made these pomander balls to hang on the chairs up the aisle for the ceremony.  It only took me a couple of hours to make 6 of them.  I only wish it took less flowers to make them!  A note for other gals planning on making their own pomanders, I used 3" styrofoam balls, and after I put all of the flowers on them, the ball is about 8 inches.  if you're going to be using larger flowers, I wouldn't buy styrofoam larger than 3 inches because it really looks gigantic!

  DIY Pomander Balls photo 1

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So after having our original venue booked for 11 months, we ended up scrambling to find a new place because of a change in management and a price increase of $40 pp.  :( 

Here is our new venue.  It's currently undergoing a major remodel, so will be brand spanking new by the time our wedding rolls around.  The best part is, I love it even more than our original place.  :)

The Ceremony and Reception photo 1  The Ceremony and Reception photo 2  The Ceremony and Reception photo 3  The Ceremony and Reception photo 4  The Ceremony and Reception photo 5

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Brian and I had been talking about getting married forever.  We had gone ring shopping a few months prior to us actually getting engaged, but I figured he wouldn't actually buy the ring and propose until some time in 2009. 

The night of our engagement (November 7, 2008) was "game" night with friends.  I was actually the one who organized it!  He had asked me earlier in the week if he should ask his mom and step-dad to come over, which I thought was kind of strange.  I had figured though, that he was just inviting them over to make me think that he was going to propose, but that he wasn't really going do it and throw me off since I had already started looking for wedding venues before I even had a formal proposal (I'm an over planner like that and a total Type A).  I even stuck my hands in his pants pockets before everyone came over looking for the ring.  I am such a snoop! 

So pretty much the entire night had passed, and no proposal.  I was ok with that, and was just enjoying catching up with our friends who we hadn't seen in a while.  Then, all of the sudden between rounds of Catch Phrase, Brian got down on two knees (he was sitting on the floor) and said, "before we get started with the next round, I have a question to ask Liz."  He was holding the ring up and said, "Liz, will you marry me?"  I was so surprised, I nearly fell walking over to him because my knees were shaking.  I was crying, he was crying, my girlfriends had a few tears in their eyes.  And of course, I said yes!

The Proposal photo 1  The Proposal photo 2  The Proposal photo 3

The Proposal photo 4

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Brian and I met through a wonderful website known as... MySpace.  I don't normally accept random friend requests or respond to emails from people I don't know.  But after looking at his profile, and seeing this cute picture of him holding these small fish, I thought he looked like a pretty down to earth guy that might be cool to hang out with.  My first impression was right, and here we are today! 

This is the picture that reeled me in!

Our Story photo 1