May 16, 2009

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Brian and I met 3 years ago at my work, he was a customer and came through the store for about 2 years keeping tabs on me..had a bf at the time. On our first date we went to a Kings game and I loved the sportyness about him. He was so funny and it didnt take me long to fall in love with him.

We had only been dating for about 3 months and I became pregnant with our daughter Madison. It wasnt planned but it was truely meant to be, Brian is the best dad and we are so very much in love. And Maddie is the apple of our eyes and is so much fun to be around.

Well, on April 13th Brian decided to take me to Tahoe for the night and along the way we stopped at the lake where the sun was setting. He was the most goofy I have ever seen him and I knew something was up. He kept waiting for that perfect moment, like an hour or two went by, finally on the way back next to the crashing waves he knelt down on 1 knee with a tear in his eye and asked me to marry him! Even tho I knew in the back in my head I was still so shocked I couldnt even say anything, moments later I stumbled to my words and blurted out "Yes"!