Dec 20, 2009

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We met in May 2008. He saw me first. I peeked out my head from the line and there he was! Not to mention I wasn't wearing my glasses 'cause when meeting a person, guy, I didn't want to look geeky right off the bat, I figured I'd ease him into it, that is, if he managed to get through our first 'outing'!! So it was a hazy, fuzzy night at best. Well, for me at least! There was an 80's cover band playing in the courtyard and the place was packed and without my glasses it was impossible to navigate through the crowd. Not to mention the fact that I tapped on someones shoulder, while looking straight at him and asked him if he was someone who, if I had my glasses on, would have known he wasn't. There was a volunteer group that I was part of who were also there but I didn't find then. Instead we ventured into 8.0. Oh God. Did I mention this was in Fort Worth. Deep breath. Yes. Truth be told, I was there. I met 'him' there!!! Gasp. I know. I know. So, now that I am composed once more, let me continue the story. We sat at a table inside and ordered something. I am sure it was something that I didn't like but oh well. And the interesting thing was that I decided that I was not going to speak too much and let him tell me about himself. I don't know if it was my mesmerizing and hypnotic good looks:p or him loosening up while drinking his beer, eeck! yes, he drank alcohol during our 'outing'. Yes, now I rememeber it was an 'outing' and NOT a 'date'. Afterall, wouldn't and shouldn't he walk me to my car and the such if we were on a date??? Oh, yes. Then there was the congregation of the the 'hoochie-mama's' that was quite entertaining as well. Let me elaborate...uhum, clear throat, uhum...fat chicks in skinny girl clothes!! That is such a serious no-no I don't even know where to start with that one?? Okay, back to the story, um...I mean my 'outing' with Christopher. Well, he did talk and boy did he spill, I mean everything ladies!!! I should have run. And I did initially. Ack, should've just kept on walking alas, there was something that, I don't know, I decided to see him again. And that is how it all started. So, as you see, it wasn't love at first sight however it grew into the most beautiful friendship and love that I hope will last a lifetime! I said 'yes' to him on August 22, 2008. He surprised me with that! I mean I knew it was inevitable but I didn't know when! It was at the French Room at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. He knows I love France! Well, besides insisting that the chef not saturate our entree's with the sauce, everything else was perfect!

~~~A caveat here for the ladies and some of you 'girlie men'...I did wear a v-neck BCBG halter dress with donna karen heels to this 'thing'. Oh, and to add, no glasses, but this time it was for me:)

Okay, so our respective families were happy for us and both sides gave their consent and blessing. Mine were a little more umm, what do you say...ah yes, hesitant but they did eventually give full consent. Not to mention my mother still refers to Christopher as 'he' or 'him' or 'that guy' and my father calls him 'John'. Right. Moving on!!

Here we are planning a Bahai' wedding. Great! I love it! Bring it! What, no date?? When is the wedding?? You don't know?? Well, let me tell you that since this whole ordeal I have 5 strands of gray hair!!! Yes ladies, this 'project wedding' is more like 'project hell'. It sucks the life outta' you and no you don't get a life line, you sorry saps!!! Moral of the story: You can't please everyone all the time. Do your best to accomodate and get on with it! So we did. We set the date on December 20, 2008. Now my work went into uber-galactic speed. I was not going to do this by myself and I made it very clear to Christopher that he is going to be just as much a part of it! He agreed:) I have to take a little time out here and mention that this man, this darling, dear-heart Christopher, that I love so much, is the most patient, sweetest, kindest, supportive, gentle and loving person I know!

Ok. Onto wedding planning. So we live in TX. We are planning a wedding in LA. And Christophers family lives in PA and the rest of the NE and New England areas. Yay! This is going to be a piece-of-cake!!! Right?? NOT!

Oh, oh, oh, I also have residency interviews set up during all this time as well. Yay!!

Its really not very pleasant having to switch your brain back and forth from medical-related 'matters' to wedding and the rest-of-your-life related 'matters' pun intended:D

Despite the set-backs, screw-ups and at times insurmountable challenges...we have a nice wedding day planned and it should all come together nicely at 6pm Saturday afternoon on December 20, 2008.