Dec 20, 2009

Le Merigot
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Chef Desi Szonntagh was responsible for the style, design, taste of the dishes that we had chosen to be prepared for our guests. We had a food tasting session a month before the wedding where he prepared our preferred entree's and after we made our final decision we were pleased to see it come to fruition at our reception dinner. Not only were we happy with the food, our guests also commented on it. Thank you Chef Desi! Alone, we would give the caterer a 4.5. Now, onto our review for the ceremony and reception venue. Well, we we unfortunate to have Lisa Teetz as the catering/wedding manager/coordinator. Our initial meeting was good and she seemed to be on board with everything and she even made some wonderful suggestions however when it came time to deliver her lack of professionalism and timeliness made this process one that I would not even wish on my worst enemy! To begin. At our initial meeting she had mentioned that we would be able to extend the wedding into midnight and that would be something the hotel would honor. She was supposed to be the go-to person for the vendors and to welcome the guests and direct them to the right places. Well, on the day of the wedding she was no where to be found. Our vendors arrived at appr 130p on Saturday with no one to direct them to the appropriate area and since the ceremony was scheduled at 4pm and there was question of moving the ceremony indoors due to inclement weather, there was chaos everywhere. Thankfully, my fiace (now-husband) had decided to check in on everything, while waiting for me to arrive for our photo-shoot, and realized that the ceremony setup was all wrong and that the vendors were not told of this and where setting up elsewhere. Mind you, Lisa Teetz was supposed to be at the hotel at 130p to make sure everything was set up properly so that me and my fiance (now husband) could enjoy the last few hours of preparation prior to the start of everything. Instead, he is working with the staff to place the table, setup the chairs around the aisle, guide vendors as to where to set up the dj booth and fruit/tea table among other things. She finally gets to the hotel at close to 4p. Guests had already started arriving and didn't know where to go. She had asked a substitute, who knew nothing of the setup and plans, to cover for her. She didn't even stay for the duration of the wedding and didn't tell us when she left and to whom we were to direct our questions and concerns in the case of an urgent matter or issue. I was later informed that she was shoving our guests into the ceremony area without any consideration for them or us. All his infuriated me. Lisa didn't apologize once and had the audacity to even tell us that we were responsible for an additional hour. We had to make it very clear that the wedding ended at 11p. Our DJ turned off the music and our vendors had already started clearing things out. We were not charged the additional hour. They were clearly trying to nickle and dime us here. The one thing that stands out with regards to out unfortunate experience with Lisa, is her lack of respect for us and her untimely response to our numerous telephone and email requests. She also sent the wrong wedding cake order style and design to Hansen's in Beverly Hills. We both noticed this only when we entered the reception hall. She refuses to acknowledge that. We verified this with Hansens' and they said the order was placed through the Hansen's vendor working with Lisa Teetz at Le Merigot. We unfortunately had made arrangements to stay at Le Merigot for our honeymoon for 5days. Even though we were given a room with a balcony and partial view of the ocean it was small and claustrophobic and no closet space. Not to mention parking was with the hotel valet and they charged us $20 per day. Even though we were supposed to have been given a discounted rate I don't think 269/nt is a deal!! I would definitely not stay here again!!! Lastly, Le Merigot was supposed to ship our cake top to us via air to TX (where we reside). This should have been done by preparing the cake in proper packaging with dry ice and a 48hrs turnaround, meaning via air. Well, it turns out that that witch sent it via ground which took 5 days and the cake was not packaged properly. We brought this to her attention but there was absolutely no accountability. If it wasn't for the food prepared by the chef we would have rated it a disaster (0) or a 1 (would definitely NOT RECOMMEND)
Services used: Catering