Jan 15, 2011

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Bachelorette Party photo 1Bachelorette Party photo 2Bachelorette Party photo 3Bachelorette Party photo 4

Bachelorette Party photo 5

Bachelorette Party photo 6Bachelorette Party photo 7

My Bachelorette Party was one week before the wedding, Chris' Bachelor party was the same night so that I wouldn't have to think about his and he wouldnt have to think about mine.

We went to innermestudios, located in houston, and had a chair/pole dancing class and learned some sexy routines!..then after the class we freshened up and went to one of the hottest clubs in downtown houston, the venue. and I got free drinks the entire night!

Tshirts: I purchased the hot pink Ts at Hobby Lobby for 3.99 each, and then I had an etsy seller create the iron on for me at 6.00 each. An inexpensive route for custom Tshirts!

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                                       Breakfast at Tiffany's/ Elbony & Co.


Bridal Shower photo 1Bridal Shower photo 2Bridal Shower photo 3Bridal Shower photo 4Bridal Shower photo 5Bridal Shower photo 6Bridal Shower photo 7Bridal Shower photo 8Bridal Shower photo 9Bridal Shower photo 10Bridal Shower photo 11Bridal Shower photo 12

Bridal Shower photo 13


Colors: Light blue & white

Decor: White boxes painted with ribbon added to look like Tiffany & Co boxes, lrg Audrey Hepburn photo from Michael's

Attire: Black & Pearls

Food served: French toast, variety of fruit, pastries, muffins, bacon, eggs, shrimp, ham, hashbrown casserole, cake...

Drinks: Mimosa, orange juice, apple juice, water

What we did: played traditional bridal games and Breakfast @ tiffany inspired games! and of course we watched the movie!

Favors: Elbony & Co diamond rings (from michaels) in a tiffany blue box that I had stamped with "Elbony & Co"

Invites by: Giselle of


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Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 1Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 2Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 3Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 4Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 5Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 6Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 7Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 8Getting Ready Ceremony Pics photo 9


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                                                           Inspiration  & The Real deal!

The Bouquet:

The details Inspiration vs Reality photo 4The details Inspiration vs Reality photo 5

The cake

The details Inspiration vs Reality photo 6The details Inspiration vs Reality photo 7

The Shoes:


 Some of my MUST HAVE photos:

The dress hanging

Bride on the cool

kuddos, to my photographer, I sent them an email with a ton of "must haves" and they did a wonderful job capturing my special day!

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I am trying to figure out what look I am going for then I ran across PW Bride:KayKay211 and I think her wedding day look is beautiful! I love her hair and makeup and veil!! and then there's Gabrielle Union I <3 her hair in the "miss independent" video

so these are my inspirations:

BRIDAL LOOK photo 2 Hair, Makeup 



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         What you see here is my inspirational photos, and I have created a similar collage of my actual 

            wedding photographs! I think I did a good job!..with the help of my photographers, of course!

The inspiration for my wedding:

Wedding in Purple, Bouquets and Boutonnieres 

Lovely Purple at Reception at The Mayo



My wedding Photos: