Mar 20, 2010

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So one of the first things we picked out were rings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my e-ring so I got a wedding band which matched the sides of my e-ring. Will actually has 2 wedding bands. We got him his "real" wedding band and then another that is just a plain gold band for work because he is a plumber and wouldn't want to wear his nice ring to work.

my wedding band & it with my e-ring

 Ring Finger BLING photo 1Ring Finger BLING photo 2

Wills "work" wedding band and his real "wedding bling" as he likes to call it ;-)

Ring Finger BLING photo 3Ring Finger BLING photo 4

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So most of our friends and families reaction to us getting engaged was "well....finally. We knew it was coming" So when we were thinking about when we were going to have our wedding, we kept saying that we needed to pick a date so that our families (who have been anticipating this wedding for a longgg time) can begin the countdown. We didnt want December or January because those are our birthday months. We also didn't want a summer wedding because it would be HOTT. So we decided on March and we picked out date because it symbolizes the "countdown" to our wedding.

03 . 20 . 10

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I grew up in the heart of Boston. Typical Boston girl - loud, friendly, opinionated, and loved to meet people. I had grown up with a friend who lived in a small (read: 1 square mile) town that was connected to my part of Boston by a small bridge. Will also lived in this tiny little town. I spent a lot of time with my friend and eventually Will and I were introduced from hanging out with the same group of people. We are high school sweethearts and have been together for a very long time now. We have lived together for just over 2 years now. We knew we would be getting married at some point, but Will caught me totally off guard. He went and picked out my ring during a day when he SHOULD have been at work. Then on a random Monday night he called me on his way home and said "why don't we go out to dinner tonight?" I thought sure fine - I was tired from classes and just wanted something to eat. He came home from work, showered and got pretty dressed up for a Monday night dinner, but I thought hey maybe he just felt like something different. We went to our favorite little seafood restaurant. I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the table there was a bottle of champagne on the table with two glasses. Before I could sit down he was on one knee and said "Angela, I know you have been waiting for this for a long time, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Will you marry me?" I think I said yes before he was halfway through his sentence. We were engaged on September 8, 2008 and will be getting married on March 20, 2010.

My e-ring. SOO beautiful and exactly what I wanted

How we met photo 1How we met photo 2


Me and Will are our "pre wedding" photo shoot. Haha, Ok It was my senior prom, but at least 10 guests at the Copley Fairmont "congratulated" us on our wedding that night not knowing we were actually at prom. I guess thats what I get for wearing a white dress.

How we met photo 3

Us on our yearly vacations to the bahamas

How we met photo 4How we met photo 5

Will and I at his uncles wedding recently (he was the BM)

How we met photo 6