Jul 25, 2009

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Here is a link to our slideshow from our photographer she did an amazing job and I think I have watched it at least 50 times.

And finally pictures!!!!  I only got about half way through but it is a start.


MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 1MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 2MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 3   

                          MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 4 MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 5MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 6MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 7MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 8MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 9MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 10MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 11                     MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 12MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 13          MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 14                       MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 15 MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 16                                                            MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 17 

MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 18MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 19MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 20MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 21MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 22MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 23MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 24MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 25MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 26MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 27MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 28 



MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 29 MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 30MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 31MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 32MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 33MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 34MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 35MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 36MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 37MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 38MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 39


MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 40MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 41MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 42MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 43MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 44MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 45MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 46MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 47MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 48MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 49MARRIED July 25 2009 photo 50

TO BE CONTINUED.... coming up the first look

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Here are some of our engagement photos, they were shot at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, we are very happy with them, our photographer, Charlotte is so talented. I highly recomend her


Engagement Photos photo 1 Engagement Photos photo 2 Engagement Photos photo 3 Engagement Photos photo 4 Engagement Photos photo 5 Engagement Photos photo 6  Engagement Photos photo 7 Engagement Photos photo 8 Engagement Photos photo 9 Engagement Photos photo 10 Engagement Photos photo 11 Engagement Photos photo 12 Engagement Photos photo 13 Engagement Photos photo 14 Engagement Photos photo 15 Engagement Photos photo 16 Engagement Photos photo 17 Engagement Photos photo 18 Engagement Photos photo 19 Engagement Photos photo 20 Engagement Photos photo 21  Engagement Photos photo 22 Engagement Photos photo 23

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Tissue Pomanders

I am making about 100 of these green tissue pomanders. I have no idea how I am going to get them to the venue but they will be on the chairs lining the aisle and then on every other chair to bring the green into the room.  Directions came from Martha Stewart.

Other DIY Projects photo 1

Picture Frame Card Box

My daddy made this card box for us. I love it because you can take it apart after the wedding and use the frames in the house.  Directions and inspiration came from its.nicsknack I have to give her big props for this idea.  I love it.

Other DIY Projects photo 2 Other DIY Projects photo 3

Table Numbers - I bought these frames at Family Dollar for $1 each and then just printed out the numbers using Microsoft Publisher.

Other DIY Projects photo 4

Reserved Seating Signs - Again Microsoft publisher, printed on card stock and glued to ribbon using Krazy glue, we will use double sided tape to stick to the chairs.

Other DIY Projects photo 5

My DIY Programs, cardstock from

Other DIY Projects photo 6 Other DIY Projects photo 7 Other DIY Projects photo 8 Other DIY Projects photo 9 Other DIY Projects photo 10



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 My venue won't allow open flames so my mom bought this beautiful set of hurricane type holders.  So gorgeous!  The candles and the stands are from Hobby Lobby.

Unity Candle So pretty photo 1

Here is the ceremony that we wll be having.

The flame has traditionally been thought of as a symbol of the spirit. Brian and Leslie, you have learned much in your individual lives. Your mothers are both here to bless your marriage, and it is fitting that they have lit the two individual candles you see here. For it is they who brought you life, and taught you your first lessons about love. Your family members, and friends, many of whom are here with you today, have all been a part of your individual lives, and have shared with you your hopes, your dreams, your triumphs, your sufferings. But at some point the two of you met one another, and something started growing between you that was not just Leslie  and not just Brian. 

There's a special way you are together that's just not like the way you've ever been with anyone else. You have a way of sharing with each other, of laughing and joking together, that's unlike with anybody else. That special love you felt for one another continued to grow, bringing you to this moment, when you are committing your love to one another, and building a life together. Just as the flame you are about to light is not created solely by either candle, so too is your love not the sole possession or creation of either of you. As a symbol of the spirit of love that has grown between you, I would like to ask you to light the Unity Candle at this time.


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I designed our invites on Microsoft publisher and they are finally done. I am so proud of these it felt so good to drop them off at the post office to be hand cancelled.  Such a labor of love but so worth it.

My DIY Invitations photo 1 My DIY Invitations photo 2

My DIY Invitations photo 3 My DIY Invitations photo 4

My DIY Invitations photo 5 My DIY Invitations photo 6

My DIY Invitations photo 7

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I bought my beautiful comb and earrings on Etsy from seller Lulusplendor.  They are gorgeous!  I am so excited about having a custom piece the comb was made just for me.  When I get them in person I will post some more pictures.

Wedding Day Style Comb and Earrings photo 1