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Jul 25, 2009

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I bought my dress here and the whole experience with this shop has been great. I worked with Meghan and if she hadn't chosen my dress off the rack I might not even have tried it on without her urging me. She is the best ask for her if you can. The shop is clean and organized, has dresses in all price ranges. My mother also purchased her mother of the bride dress here and here is where they really impressed me. She is very short and originally the store told her they were ordering her dress in a petite, well it turns out that when the dress came it was huge and it doesn't come in petite so they did the alterations for FREE! I couldn't believe it. I have loved working with this shop, they let me visit my dress whenever I want and everything has gone smoothly. I go to officially pick up the dress next Friday the day before the wedding and they have promised it and my veil will be pressed, ready and waiting.
Services used: Dress & Attire

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! This is long but please read it if you are considering them at all. I will admit that extreme anger on the part of myself and some of my family contributed to the situation but they ruined a large chunk of my evening on my wedding day, created an ugly scene and were downright unprofessional! The staff at our venue said they had never seen such belligerent behavior from a vendor EVER! Let me preface this by pointing out that I have all the documentation backing up my story, including proof of the correct times and locations sent by the company in e-mail, and my credit card statement showing that the charges for the services cleared my credit card 2 days before the event. There is a lot to the story but the short of it is, our first limo used as transportation to the wedding was the wrong kind of car, for the after wedding/reception service the driver showed up to the wrong location at the wrong time, had to be tracked down, yelled at mine and my husband's elderly family, demanded my credit card for payment before he would let anyone in the car of course I didn't have it because the charge had already been made, yelled at me tried to get me THE BRIDE to leave my own reception to get the credit card from the hotel despite the fact that other family members were willing to give him theirs, his manager whom I finally got on the phone was just as rude lied to me that no the payment had not gone through when I have proof on my credit card statement that in fact it had and cleared two days prior, and that he was looking at my contract which I had reviewed and it had the pick up and drop off locations incorrect so it was my fault and threatened me with litigation for non-payment. I have since reviewed all these documents and they were all correct. The driver did complete one trip and then got into a confrontation with my father-in-law and drove off leaving guests stranded on the curb. I do admit that I was extremely angry and agitated during this whole ordeal so maybe my behavior was not exemplary and that my father-in-law should have left good enough alone but no vendor should ever push a client to this point. The event planner and all of the security staff at our venue witnessed the whole thing and all agreed that we were rightfully extremely mad and that the limo driver had stepped way over the line of proper etiquette. This chain of events left an ugly stain on part of the evening for me and my new husband steer clear!
Services used: Transportation