Aug 22, 2009

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So i thought i'd something a bit different and insteading of enlarging the epics i got them on canvases. I think they will look great in our apt too. I got two, here are the two i got. The second one i am spilting them, so there will be three pieces. and we will hang like that.

Canvas Enlargements photo 1

Canvas Enlargements photo 2


The above pic of us by the water will come split this this:

Canvas Enlargements photo 3

Cant wait, i get them this week. Will post pics of the final result.

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Finally did my table numbers. I have about 55 tables. So it took awhile, but i really wanted to put my epics to good use. So im using our pics as table numbers. Heres a sample of what it looks like.


Table Numbers photo 1

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Got my boudior pics. I think they came out pretty good. Has such a good time. Recommend it to anyone that is on the fence about


Boudior photo 1Boudior photo 2

Boudior photo 3Boudior photo 4

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I got my e-pics. They turned out great and photog was fabulous! I love all the colors and the poses she had has do!

E PICS photo 1E PICS photo 2

E PICS photo 3E PICS photo 4

E PICS photo 5E PICS photo 6

E PICS photo 7E PICS photo 8

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I finally choose my reception dress. Here are some pics of it. I'm really excited, i love the colors. And my decor is going to match perfectly. Now i just need to get my butt into the gym!!!


Reception Dress photo 1Reception Dress photo 2

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FI gets all the credit for my ring. He did alot of research and picked my ring out all by myself. He did a great job. This one looks similar to mine.

The Ring photo 1