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Dec 12, 2005

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( 1.0 / 5.0 )
don't even bother stopping by this site. they don't want your business. seriously. if you are not representing a company and holding a huge corporate event, they are not interested in your business. my fiance and i scheduled an appt and met with julie, which was good because i had read some very bad things about the other rep, alicia. alicia was sitting in the office as we arrived and just gave me a look and didnt even say a word.. no smile.. no nothing. honestly, she didnt seem very pleasant. julie is like 20 years old, completely unkempt. i think she was wearing cargo pants. not that i care but everyone at this place acted so pretentious. i dont really know why as its san ramon not woodside or beverly hills. just little old san ramon. julie gave us some quick info and after learning we were to have 130 guest, she only showed us the fireside room. she said we would get "lost" in the ballroom and we really wouldnt want it in there. we were only interested in the ballroom and she pretty much wouldnt even show it to us. she just assumed that since i only have 130 guests that i wouldnt make the 12,000 minimum. i was aware of the minimum and was still interested. i would have paid the extra but she didnt even bother to ask; she just made assumptions and wasnt very helpful at all. the vibe was that they truly did not want my business because my party was not large enough. within 4 minutes i was ready to leave. my fiance gave me the look after two indicating he was through with the place. i told julie its not what i had in mind and made for the exit. oh.. one posting i remember complaining about bridges was that the bride wanted some plants moved out of the ballroom for the reception as she did not like plants. alicia never called her back to discuss her request. after a few days the bride-to-be called alicia and she told her that she asked around and thinks "it's a pretty ridiculous request". way to go. what great customer service. thats fine with me. i plan on having my wedding in january on a sunday. good luck booking those days alicia and julie. you two are truly just as terrible as other brides-to-be have said. i was apprehensive about even visiting the bridges and really wish i hadnt. what a waste of time. try palm event center. clay is absolutely out of this world. i had heard great things about him and it turned out to be true. he is the best to work with and he shared a lot of helpful advice. i visited palm event center on the same day as the bridges golf club and the differences were like black and white.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner