Sep 06, 2009

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Here is my first shot at a mock up...I'm not sure if it's "THE ONE" yet....but then again, I change my mind everyday on what I'd like to do...I just need something that doesn't cost a lot of money!

Centerpiece ideas photo 1

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My BLING photo 1      /images/products/0801/080181528_MV_TB.jpg

My engagement ring!!!!                          My Wedding Band!!!!


I love my ring! I haven't seen many like it, so I'm in love!!

We have yet to get my FI ring...he still has to pick out something he loves!

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I gave birth to our twins on February 5th...and Jared had to go back to work shortly after. On Valentines day, I text him to ask if we had any plans and he said he hadn't thought of any yet. Typical. Haha. So I took a nap on the couch next to the babies. Jared got home from work, and sat down with me. He asked if I wanted my Valentines present, so I said yes. I was still half asleep too. He told me to close my eyes and he'd be back. He came back a minute later and was on his knee and asked me to marry him!! What a great present! And all I had gotten him was a shirt! Haha. I got the better end of the deal on that one! He told me later he had wanted to do something more romantic, but he got really nervous and just wanted to know my answer! So, he says someday he'll do a cuter proposal, but I'm happy with things anyway!! :)

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I found my gown for $187 and took it home the same day!! I'm a budget bride for sure, and was really happy to find something not too expensive!!! The back is my favorite part of the dress!


The Attire photo 1 The Attire photo 2

Selling this first dress now for $150!!


I got a new dress! And I love it! I always have wanted lace, but couldnt find one my first time around, and this beautiful dress found me when I wasnt looking!! Here she is!!

The Attire photo 3The Attire photo 4The Attire photo 5

Sorry about my bad posture and hair! The consultant tried her hand at an "updo"....needless to say, she wont be hired to do my hair the day of :)

I'm still trying to figure out my jewelry and hair I'll keep you updated. I will be wearing red shoes also...but I can't narrow them down yet!!

My bridesmaids will be wearing this Alfred Angelo gown in Black, and they will also be wearing Red heels.

The Attire photo 6


Check back for Tux pictures...we don't have those yet!!

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We will be getting married on September 6th, 2009 in Indiana in an outdoor ceremony. Praying hard for no rain!! Our colors are Red, Black, and White...and of course, a little damask touch!!


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How he and I became US photo 1How he and I became US photo 2

Jared and I both went to the same college and were both in Greek organizations. I was a Delta Zeta and also the President of all the sororities on campus. Jared was a Kappa Alpha. Every year, we have "Greek Week" where every organization competes against one another. I was in charge and Jared was one of the representatives from his chapter. We would have planning meetings and Jared would always sit with his friends, and I just thought he seemed so arrogant and rude! At this time, I was coming out of a five year relationship and was pretty bitter anyway. After the first competition, Jared had come up to me to ask a question, and it sparked conversation....and we've been together ever since! Turns out, he's not arrogant or rude, just confident!! it's something I totally love about him.

In May of 07, we found out we were expecting a baby....and then in August, we found out it wasn't ONE was TWO!! After the shock wore off, we started falling in love with the best little boys ever. It was a total blessing in disguise, and Jared is turning out to be an AMAZING father!