Sep 27, 2009

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We love to hike. On April 10th, 2008, Kriss and I went on our second hike in the San Gabriel Mountains to the top of Mt. Lowe. Once we reached the top, Kriss reached into his change pocket of his jeans, pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and said, "Te quiero." I cried.

I thought, I couldn't have pictured this moment more perfect. I also thought, "that's why he asked how to say that in spanish!"


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    I was driving around in early January 2007 with a few friends and we decided we wanted coffee. Since we had just gotten back from the mall, we didn't have much money. One of my friends remembered that she had a Coffee Bean Gift Card. I knew where the closest location was so we headed towards the local coffee shop. When we wallked in, Kriss was supervising. We took our time ordering our drinks and Kriss looked a little aggravated. We heard the current song and wanted to know the name, Kriss overheard and found out the answer for us right away. I saw his picture posted on the wall and thought, "He's cute but seems like a coffee snob." We received our drinks and went on our way. When we left, I kept thinking of how cute Kriss was and even though the coffee shop was across town from home, I went in whenever I was free in hopes that he was working

    After a few months of chatting and a grapevine-style revelation of feelings, we finally exchanged numbers through friends and started dating.

    Since then, he graduated from Cal State and is now working full time... no more coffee ;) 

    I left my counseling job in the mountains and returned to school.