Oct 25, 2008

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
The guests loved the photobooth (especially the kids). However, the reason we decided to splurge in the first place was because we wanted to be able to actually keep copies of the photographs - we spent about $2400 for the whole experience, which was supposed to include a CD containing our images. We paid for a less expensive photographer anticipating these shots would comprise the majority of our photo memories. It is a high price to pay to NOT obtain copies of your own photographs. Two months later, after not receiving the CD, I called, only to find out that the photo images were "corrupted". Apparently, more than half of the photos were not saved (I have yet to receive the CD, so I do not know the exact percentage saved, if any). There was no communication by the company to me (which gives me pause as to whether they were honest about the number of photos actually saved). In sum - the company (1) failed to communicate their error to me; (2) failed to give me an adequate explanation as to what happened (they told me that this has never happened before, and did not know whether it was a computer or machine error - not very credible); and (3) failed to contact me to offer a refund until after I called looking for my CD. I have not yet resolved this problem with the vendor.
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths