Aug 01, 2009

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We had to find a different baker due to an unfortunate situation for our baker! Long story and it's too personal. I just pray/hope for her and her family.

Our new baker is just as great.  They are Sweet Cakes by Melissa. She recently sent me a sketch of our cake! I asked her to add another flower at the top since we are not going to have a cake topper.


Sketch of our cake photo 1

It will still have the Water Lilies painting on there down the side.  I'm so excited!

Our new cake flavors:

1) top tier: kahlua mudslide- Chocolate cake soaked with vodka, baileys and kahlua, filled with a french vanilla cream.

2) middle tier: boston creme pie-rich butter cake with chocolate ganache and french vanilla cream filling

3) bottom tier (and probably my favorite!): blackberry creme- rich butter cake with cream cheese and  fresh blackberry filling. (the cake is almond flavored! so good! same with boston creme pie)

Then we ordered three 1/2 sheets:

1) blackberry creme (because it's so good)

2) after dinner mint: Moist chocolate cake with chocolate chunks in every bite, filled with chocolate mint filling.(it's like eating an andes mint flavored cake!)

3) lemon berry delight: Delicous lemon cake with large fresh blueberries, filled with a yummy light blueberry filling.

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**copied over from my post in the forum**

When I first inquired about our reception venue via email, the wedding coordinator there sent me these two pictures and I was completely sold (especially because there was NO SITE RENTAL FEE..just 1k deposit that goes towards food!).


Our venue photo 1


This is the outside of the tent where you could hold your outdoor ceremony.  We're not doing our ceremony there but at a church so the chairs will be cleared and we'll hold our cocktail hour there instead.


Our venue photo 2


This is the inside of the tent (chiavari chairs not included :( ). I already thought it looked beautiful even with the huge pipes running up top. lol.

The coordinator at the time told us that they were looking to build a new tent but it depended on the budget.  When we inquired about it again a month later, she told us that it was out of the budget so the tent wasn't going to be replaced. Ah well, still pretty to us.

Come December 08, Oregon had this huge snow/ice storm (aka ARCTIC BLAST 08) that lasted 10 days or so and collapsed the tent! :D  They had to build a brand new one with new chairs, tables, carpet...everything!

We had our food tasting last month and got to check out the new tent! It's SOOO pretty.  I know what you're thinking, "THAT'S A TENT?" OH yeah baybee. It's like the dark skies opened above, shined down on us andAhhHHhhHH... HALLELUJAH. haha.



Our venue photo 3


outside of the tent (those are glass panels with an actual door and the tent is fully temperature controlled!)


Our venue photo 4


inside the tent. look at the ceiling! such pretty draping and no more visible pipes!!


Our venue photo 5


Our guests can look out into the pretty gardens.

Up til our food tasting, we had kind of lost our excitement for our wedding day.  It has been really stressful because of all different factors (non-wedding related).  After seeing our venue again and tasting the delicious customized menu that I gave our chef, our excitement has been renewed.  I just hope that the food is still good when mass-produced!

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I highly HIGHLY recommend going with Flowers by Nancy Joslin.  She is SO insanely sweet and will definitely work with your budget.  I think she does flowers for fun or something because she mostly charges for just the flowers and a bit more for her time.  My really good friend recommended her to me after seeing her work from a co-workers wedding pictures.  She has a ton of experience too!

Here's a breakdown of my floral costs:

Bride: Dome style bouquet with white calla lilies, white/pink throat cymbidium
orchids, and vendela roses.  Stems to be partially wrapped in ivory 
ribbon with pearls


Bridesmaids (4): Dome style bouquet with white calla lilies, green cymbidum
orchids and stems partially wrapped in green ribbon


Jr Bridesmaids (2): Nosegay style bouquet with white calla lilies,   and stems wrapped in green ribbon


Flower Girl (2): Wand with hot pink gerbera daisies, green button mums
and 12” tail in green and ivory ribbon


Groom: Two white calla lilies with bear grass


Groomsmen (4): One white calla lily with green button mum


Fathers (2): Same as groomsmen


Ring Bearer (1): Same as groomsmen


Mothers (2): Wrist corsage with two white calla lilies and green button mums and
sheer ivory ribbon


Mary Flowers: Using same theme flowers as above wedding party, provided in 


Unity Candle: Something small and draping with same them flowers as bridal


Pew Decor (14): Bride to make paper cones with ribbon and florist to provide 
14 blooms of green hydrangea and 14 blooms of white hydrangea


Guest Table: Small version of bridal bouquet provided in vase to use as guest
book table centerpiece

No Charge

Reception Decor: (25) 9- tables with rented florist tapered tall clear glass
vases and using brown curly willow with mini  green
cymbidium orchids and green dendrobium orchids

$495.00 w/cymbidium orchids and dendrobium
$360.00 w/only dendrobium orchids

8 - Renting florists 10” clear glass footed bowls with
foot and surrounding inside of bowl with bear
grass and using 2 white fluffy seasonal blooms,
such as dahlia.


I'll be providing 8 more centerpieces of my own that won't be flowers.  We have to do corsages and bouts for the family but one of my FSILs will be doing those for me.  Nancy will order the roses for me and also provide me with the pins, green tape, corsage band, etc totally at wholesale cost!

My total without the family flowers will be $1202 including delivery/set-up (and if I do the tall centerpieces with just dendrobium orchids.. we're adding 2 hydrangea balls on each as well for only $3 each!!).

PM me if you want her info!!!
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Our lilypad place cards photo 1


We used a 2.5" circle puncher to punch out the circles to make our lily pads. It took me about 2 hours to punch out 200.  I have 50 more to go. Still deciding on whether or not I want to print or hand write each guest's name!

To save money, we bought wrapping paper, cut them down to 2.5" squares and folded the origami frogs.

Pink = chicken
Blue = fish
Green = vegetarian
Yellow = children's meal


Our lilypad place cards photo 2Our lilypad place cards photo 3

Our army of frogs lined up and ready to go (sans the yellow ones.  At the time, we didn't have yellow wrapping paper yet but we do now!).  Luckily for us, we had several volunteers in FI's family (the nieces/nephews) to help out with folding about 250 frogs for us :)  I just cut the paper and had to make sure they were perfect squares and would trim the papers with an exacto knife if they weren't square.


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I can't believe we only have 100 days left. Where has the time gone???

Still so much to do..

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Initially, we were going to try and budget in chiavari chairs. I love the elegant look that chiavari chairs add to the reception, but we decided that it's not important to us.

A friend of mine introduced me to this one girl who's just starting out with her chair cover business. She sewed all of the chaircovers (has two different kinds: banquet chairs or square top chairs) and will be sewing all of the sashes as well.  She has a unique way of tying the sashes on too.  Never did I think that I'd be excited about chair covers as I've seen the bow look many times already but haven't seen it in the way this girl does it.  It's so simple and elegant.. I love it!

Chair covers photo 1

do you see how she gathered the sides so that they are pleated? I love that this looks like the back of a dress

Chair covers photo 2

Ignore the longer length of the green sash. They were even but I wanted to see what the chair looked like with just one sash.  She re-did this look for me.  I love the dual colors! This will be for our bridal party table only!

Chair covers photo 3

Here is what it looks like from the front. Don't you love the look??? I do. lol.


I can't wait to see it all together at our reception! Her prices weren't bad at all either. The prices included labor, delivery and set-up.