Aug 01, 2009

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Listing possible ideas for my ao dai!

Ao Dai photo 1

I love the style, but want it in a white or light ivory color with gold (and some red) trimming. Plus, it will be perfect for a hot summer wedding


Ao Dai photo 2

I'm really liking this one too though (minus the necklace).

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We met up with our cake person last Saturday and was so impressed with her idea of our cake.  The only inspiration picture I could come up will be one of Claude Monet's famous lily pad paintings.  It's perfect because Bubba loves art and it combines our theme of frogs and lily pads very well.

Our cake inspiration photo 1

Our cake will be in the shape of a teardrop with three tiers in covered in marzipan instead of fondant (which is perfect because we want the ivory color instead). She will then hand paint a similar scene down the sides of each tier and on the edge of each tier, she will place a candied pink lotus flower that she will also hand paint so that the edges of the petals are tinged with pink.

Each layer will have a different flavor:

1) Lemon Chiffon-White chiffon cake, lemon curd, chantilly

2) Bavarian Charlotte-Orange Bavarian custard layered with soaked lady finger disks and fresh zested berries. sides lined with petite LF cookies and marzipan ribbon. (liquor option)

3) Pear Frangipan Napoleon- Caramel poached pears layered with baked almond cream, vanilla puff pastry, chantilly mousse, and almond sponge. (liquor option)

All three are sooo good. My favorite has to be the Pear Frangipan Napolean though. MMmmm!!!! I can't wait to see it!  She totally worked with our budget too!  Her cakes are so creative and artistic!

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During the early stages of our relationship, we went to an annual carnival for one of our dates.  There was this one game where you had to roll balls into slots in order for your racing horse to move.  I was in the lead but then my ball got stuck or something and he ended up winning.  I basically let him win.. didn't want to emasculate him, you know? ;) lol jk.  Anyhow, the prize he won for me was this super cute stuffed frog that we named Paul the Frog.  We take him everywhere with us when we go on vacation or somewhere significant.  In fact, he had Paul the Frog stuffed in his backpack on the day he proposed to me :)

I could share more stories about how Paul the Frog is like our baby but you will turn green and not with envy ;)

Paul the frog wishing he could eat that mini cupcakeOur theme photo 1

(he's not as clean as he was in this picture anymore =/ lol).


Anyhow, so our theme will be frogs (cute ones like Paul the Frog) and lily pads.  Our colors will be chocolate brown, granny apple smith green (maybe not as fluorescent green as Paul the Frog) or celadon green with hints of ivory and pink.  One of my junior bridesmaids (one of my nieces) will be carrying Paul the Frog down the aisle. lol!

I'll be creating some DIY projects hopefully soon (like when I figure out how I can work out our theme.. we do have an idea).  Any ideas you have, please throw them my way.  Not sure what to do about favors just yet.  Frog (the head only) shaped cookies, chocolate frogs, chocolate frog lollipops..?

I need to whip up my inspiration board together.

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I'm going to start making friends only pages! If you would like to see any future details that I will post, please add me as a friend.


Thanks! :)

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[warning: long entry ahead]


Bubba and I have only been together for about 1 yr and 9 months, but we met once back in 2003 at a club.  We both have mutual friends and were both out for someone's birthday at a club that was happening back then.  I remember thinking he was cute back then and even briefly danced/talked with him for a bit before being dragged away, never to see him again.. (cue dramatic music).

Back towards the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007, I started going out with my friends every weekend.. sometimes twice in one weekend.  I never knew how they did it, but at the time, I just wanted to go out and have some fun.  I had experienced something rather emotionally traumatic and was determined to not let it deter me from living a happy life.  All I knew was that I wasn't really looking for a relationship at all.  

After 3 months straight of going out with my friends, I got really bored of the same scene and decided to go back into hibernation.  It was kind of hard at first and it was almost like I had to ween myself from going out so often, lol.  One Friday night, I opted to not go out with my friends and sadly enough, I was extremely bored at home.  I decided to go online and check email/surf the web when I saw that someone on Friendster had sent me a message.  I hadn't logged into Friendster in MONTHS (I rarely frequented that site anyway).  Once I logged in, at the bottom of the screen were pictures of guys, "singles living locally in your area."  One of the pictures was of Bubba and I thought to myself, "hey, that's Bubba (of course, his name was something else, hehe).  Hmm, maybe I should write to him.. Nah, he might think I'm hitting on him or that I'm a weird stalker," and just let it go.

The next night, I decided that I really wanted to go out after all so I joined my friends at a club.  At the 2nd club we went to, the first guy I saw as I walked in was Bubba.  By then I was already tipsy but I tried to act cool instead of letting my face express my inner thoughts of, "OMGWTFBBQ! I just saw his picture last night!!!!"  During the three months that I went out, I NEVER saw him out! I turned towards the bar with my friends to wait for another drink when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and this tall cute amerasian guy asks me how I'm doing and what my name is.  Within a few seconds, Bubba came striding over with a huge smile on his face and started to talk to me.  I was like, "hey, you're Bubba, right?" Since it was so loud in the club, I could hardly hear him.  We danced, we talked, and then we both realized our friends had disappeared.  He said we should hang out some time and I said, "sure!"  Then he asked me if I wanted his number.  My coy [and drunk] self said, "mmm, maybe!" because deep down, I wanted HIM to ask ME for my number. lol.  So immature ;)  We said our goodbyes and I thought that was that.

A week later,  four of my dear friends (two of which will be my bridesmaids) came into town to visit during St. Patrick's Day weekend.  That weekend was going to be the last weekend I was going out clubbing for a long while.  We were out with some of my friends and decided to club hop and after a couple hours, we ended up at a club/after hours eating place.  By this time, I was drunk (yes, I can be quite the role model) and decided I needed to continue to dance it off.  All of a sudden, this guy comes by and it's Bubba!  We danced for a bit (briefly interrupted by my friends to make sure I was ok and was not being mauled by an unwanted stranger) and he had to go somewhere.  I went to sit down with my friends to eat, and he showed up by my side again.  This time, he gave me napkin that had his number on it.  Again, I was drunk, so I said, "um, NO, YOU call ME" and proceeded to give him my number. hahaha!  Either way, it was a good sign for him ;)

The next morning, I got a text from him but didn't respond.  A day after that, he gave me a call and left me a message :)  I gave him a call back and we planned our first date.

It was during our first date that I found out that he didn't remember meeting me back in 2003!  Then again, I didn't blame him because I looked quite different back then compared to now.   Oh my was I a late bloomer!  We had actually met just a couple months prior to me seeing his picture on Friendster!  My friends and I had just arrived at the after hours place to grab a bite to eat one night (read: to sober up) and he saw me get out of our car.  He said out of all the girls, I totally caught his eye and he thought I was hot. haha.  He was with a mutual friend of ours (more his than mine) who had seen me and I hugged her.  As I hugged her, I apparently turned to him, pointed and said, "You're Bubba!"  Surprised, he said, "yeah!" and then I had taken off.  Immediately, he asked our friend who I was and how did I know his name??  I'm so embarrassed to say that I totally do not remember that part at all.  I remember hugging my friend, but I do not remember doing what I did. lol *hides face*  Anyhow, he asked our friend to set up a lunch date but she didn't like setting people up so it never happened.  After that night, he made it an effort to go out more often as he usually doesn't at all in hopes of running into me again :)

Months after that, he told me that the night we danced together for the first time [in his memory anyway, for me it was technically our 2nd time ;)], the thought that kept running in his mind was, "I think this is the girl I'm going to spend the rest of my life with." *sniffles*  What was running in my mind?  "Don't kiss him dont kiss him don't kiss him..." lol.

I could go on and on about us.  We were not so perfect in the beginning, but it was as though we had hashed most of it out from the get-go and each day has continued to bring us closer together even more.  I cannot wait to marry this wonderful man. *struggles not to bust out the ugly cry*

Wow, what a long entry!

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[reference notes: Bubba = my fiance.  It's a nickname I spit out a few months after we started dating and has stuck since then until probably forever, lol.  This entry was copied from my personal journal.]

Last year, on July 9th, Bubba wanted to take me on a special hike.  He said, "wear shorts and shoes that you don't mind getting wet."  I asked, "Where are we going??"  He replied with, "It's a surprise."  --Probably knowing full well that I might be hesitant and try to change his mind about taking me on this hike. 

We started off by going down some steps...

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 1
ahh.. now I know why I had to wear shoes that I didn't care about.. even though it was pretty shallow, it was hard to walk on slippery rocks that shifted once you stepped on them!

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 2
This is probably the dryest part that we reached after we walked through the shallow stream

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 3
We're walking to the left side of the previous pic.  I thought, "dang, piece of cake..."

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 4
umm.. actually, this is the most shallow part aside from the "dry" land

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 5
omg, what is that??  It turned out to be the first boulder of 3 that were grouped together.  That huge rock was almost 1.5 times my height?  (for reference, I'm 5'7").  I thought I had to climb over that.. but no..

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 6
I had to wade through the water that was chest deep and climb onto the third boulder (which is the bottom one in this pic).  It was slippery all over the place.  My FH walks/climbs over things like he's a monkey.  Did I mention that the water is ice cold??  (This picture was taken after we had climbed up onto the 3rd boulder, of course).

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 7
So, I climbed up only to be faced with this!  They are fallen trees that I had to climb/walk/slowly slide my butt along the trees.


The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 8
This is what it looks like when we turn back to see what we had just climbed over.  Insane, isn't it??

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 9

Of course, I had to wade through more water.. about knee deep to reach to this part.. only to to be faced with deeper freezing cold water that was about waist to chest deep.  I think it took us about 10 minutes or more to cross it to finally reach a dry patch of rocks.  I didn't take pics of this part because we had to maintain our balance on the slippery rocks beneath our feet.  By the time we got to this part (the 2nd time around), it was starting to get dark so I couldn't see the bigger rocks that would randomly show up to stub my toes or bruise my shin! lol


The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 10
Here is where we finally reach that lil dry patch of rocks and a bad pic of the waterfall

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 11
It was too deep and too cold for us to get any closer to the waterfall.

So back to last year's story.  After going through all of that, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself because this type of hiking was so incredibly out of my element.  I'm a girly girl and although I do like hiking (the really easy hikes.. you know, the ones that have paved trails and no  Bubba knew it took a lot for me to do something like this which in turn meant the world to him.  It showed him that I would do things just to be with him.. and so, this was the spot where he fell in love with me.  I was already falling for him prior to the hike but hellz no was I going to say it first! lol.  He didn't tell me until the next morning after he dropped me off at the airport.. via a text message.  Yes, how could I not fall hard for him :P  He stored away in his heart that this was the place that he would someday want to propose to me.

On 8.8.08 at around 8:08 pm (haha jk. are you still reading at this point??  It was actually pretty close to that time), he took me on this very same hike that we took last year.  It was colder and later than last year.. and for some reason, a lot harder than I remembered.  Clara knew I was going on this hike so she asked me to take pics (which is what you just looked at).  When we got to that patch of dry land before the waterfall, Bubba and I hugged, said all the mushy gushy stuff we say to each other everyday and then he said to take more pics for Clara.  I turned away to take pictures (of the waterfall) and then I turned back around only to find him RIGHT there next to me.  If I wasn't careful, I probably would've fallen into the water. lol.  Bubba pulled me into a hug again and asked, "Do you want to marry me, babe?"  I said, "sure!" because it's something we like to talk or joke about occasionally. 

All of a sudden, he lets go of me and grabs both of my hands and starts to get down on one knee.  I gasped and then bursted into tears when I realized what he was doing.  He started to say all these really sweet things to me... but, unfortunately, we were really close to the waterfall so all I heard (I also struggled to read his lips) was, "Babe.. cshhhhhhhhhhh love you cshhhhhhhh. I cshhhhhh with you cshhhhhhhhhh..."  Instead of ruining the moment by yelling, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU, CAN YOU SPEAK LOUDER???" I leaned over to listen but by then, that's when he asked me, "Will you marry me?"  lol.  He opened the jewelry box that he pulled out and out came this beautiful ring!  Of course, I squealed yes and we kissed and all that mushy gushy stuff.  It was super sweet because he brought Paul the Frog along with us in his backpack!  (mainly the girls and a few guys know who this is, hehehe).  Actually, I can't remember if he waited for me to say yes first before showing me the ring.. Hmm, so clever of him!  We did put it away in the box though because I didn't want to ruin it on the hike back.

So there you have it.. our proposal story.  We've tried to enjoy our engagement first but dangit, all these venues have booked up SO FREAKN FAST.  It doesn't help that my parents are into auspicious dates so I was stuck with one date.  Thankfully, after 3 weeks of constant stress and worry, this beautiful reception site opened up the day I called in to ask if it was available.  It's the ONE!  I would've totally ignored this place had a friend not mentioned it to me again.  So far, things are falling into place.. I just need to remember that it'll all work out!  Stress with the parents and all! lol.

oh yeah, here is a pic of the ring:

The Proposal on 08 08 08 photo 12
He sure made me work for it! lol.