Aug 23, 2009

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Since our destination wedding was in Maui, we stayed two weeks to continue our honeymoon.  It was absolutely amazing and the entire experience is definitely one to be had, rather than described.  We had the time of our lives that two weeks, and we already cannot wait to go back!  We've actually become buds with our photographer who lives there, so we're looking forward to another visit, an anniversary photo shoot, and more relaxing memories.

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 1  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 2

      Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 3      Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 4

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 5  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 6

                              Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 7

          Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 8    Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 9

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 10  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 11

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 12  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 13

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 14 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 15

             Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 16           Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 17

             Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 18           Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 19

 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 20 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 21

 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 22  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 23

 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 24  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 25

  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 26  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 27

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 28  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 29

           Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 30   Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 31

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 32 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 33

Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 34  Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 35

             Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 36          Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 37

 Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 38   Honeymoon Maui Hawaii photo 39


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I'm an Interior Designer in San Diego, CA and I'm the happiest newlywed! 

My Etsy shop is now open and I'm overly excited to share my designs with others!


       A Little About Me photo 1


        A Little About Me photo 2           A Little About Me photo 3           A Little About Me photo 4


       Visit my shop at

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                          Reception photo 1   

                                      Reception photo 2 

 Reception photo 3 Reception photo 4

              Reception photo 5

                                      Reception photo 6

                      Reception photo 7

   Reception photo 8        Reception photo 9

                     Reception photo 10

                        Reception photo 11

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Our talented photographer, Ian Shepherd of APDW, captured our day exactly as we had imagined.


Married Pro Photos photo 1

We were married bright and early on a Sunday morning at 9:30 AM oceanside on a beautiful beach in Makena, Maui- Hawaii.  It seems so fitting that we were married on a Sunday, the one day a week we can always count on spending with each other without having to work.  The 23rd, our wedding day, also happened to fall on a Sunday and being that this date carries the significance of the beginning of our relationship, it was meant to be.  Our morning was perfect: it was warm, it was quiet, it was outdoors, the waves were crashing on shore, the light trade-winds were blowing through the palms, we were surrounded by love, we felt loved, we loved each other, we promised our love to each other, and our day was lovely.


 005_Silva   012_Silva


             Married Pro Photos photo 2

 010_Silva   015_Silva



 019_Silva   025_Silva


 020_Silva   026_Silva


 028_Silva   032_Silva

 037_Silva   038_Silva


 044_Silva   048_Silva

           Married Pro Photos photo 3

       049_Silva   050_Silva   051_Silva



 009_Silva   057_Silva


       065_Silva    064_Silva



 085_Silva   084_Silva




 066_Silva   090_Silva


            Married Pro Photos photo 4

     092_Silva    095_Silva


 101_Silva   100_Silva




 113_Silva   129_Silva





 121_Silva   119_Silva


 124_Silva   125_Silva


 Please reference my photographer Ian Shepherd if using any photos.  His work may be seen at the following websites:


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              10 years and 8 months after meeting the love of my life................... we made it official!

  Please be so kind as to reference myself and my photographer- Ian Shepherd -if using my photos, xoxo!



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SO HAPPY that I did this project, I feel like it will really add to our minimal decor on our wedding day.  I made two runners, one for our ceremony program table and one for our cake table (which the monogram is slightly smaller). 

DIY Monogram Table Runner photo 1  DIY Monogram Table Runner photo 2

I bought some linen fabric at Joann's Craft Store and sewed all edges with 1/4" hem.  I created a monogram using Photoshop and enlarged it using a copier and placed it under the fabric, tracing it lightly directly on the fabric using a pencil.  I then applied plain white acrylic paint onto the fabric and painted "within the lines" of the monogram.  **Important tip from PWer Nana Boop**: I placed wax paper in between my fabric and working surface so that the paint that seeped through the fabric would not get onto the table.  It was easily removable from the back of the fabric once I completed painting. 

DIY Monogram Table Runner photo 3  DIY Monogram Table Runner photo 4

DIY Monogram Table Runner photo 5          Simple project, just time consuming.