Oct 25, 2008

Andrew Collings Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
While looking for a wedding photographer, we stumbled upon Andrew's site. We were impressed by his sample shots and the description of his style of photography. All the pictures looked natural. Artistic, but not overly posed. In his work, you can see his appreciation of the small details that make a couple's wedding day special. (Check out his site. You'll see what we mean!) When we first met Andrew at his studio, we looked through some of the albums he'd created for couples in the past. It was easy to recognize his talent and professionalism. We also felt comfortable talking with him and sensed he'd be easy to work with. At that moment, our only hesitation was the price. At the time it seemed like a small fortune. (Of course, we were just starting our wedding planning and had no idea what kind of true fortune our wedding day would ultimately entail...) We left the studio, completely attached to the idea of Andrew shooting the wedding, but unable to justify the cost... That didn't last long. Almost immediately we decided Andrew was the right photographer for us. It took us one conversation - maybe two? We didn't want to trust just anyone to take our wedding pictures - we wanted someone talented, experienced, and responsible. The peace of mind Andrew could provide was worth the money. Now, post-wedding, it's easy to see the value in the money we spent. We have the pictures - hundreds of proofs in color and black & white, plus copies of the image files on CD... Candid shots, wedding party shots, ceremony shots, reception shots, detail shots... So many wonderful photos of the people we love. Andrew and his team really captured the day. The black & white proofs are so lovely - they look like postcards... Our friends and family rave about the photos and so many of our family members have commented on what a pleasure Andrew was to work with. He is truly the consummate professional. We will treasure these photographs always, and we recognize now that they were a steal! It's true what they say - your wedding day is a blur. Luckily, we have the most lovely photographs to remember ours by...
Services used: Photography