Aug 30, 2008

Pix of Life Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Gina and Mike were the first photographers we met and I found myself comparing all the other photographers we met with to them. After a few meetings I realized that they were the photographers I wanted to hire. It was their second year in the business and their prices were right within our budget. Compared to other photographers we met with, we felt that we got more for the price and their quality of pictures were better. We took our engagement pictures December 2007 and had to reschedule 3x because of bad weather. Gina and Mike were kind and flexible enough to reschedule and finally meet with us on a day that worked out for everyone. We recevied our CD of pictures in the time promised and we were extremely pleased with the results. Prior to the wedding, they sent us a survey about the types of pictures we wanted, suggested timeles and with whom we wanted to take pictures. The survey was extremely useful in helping us figure out our timeline for the day so it was very much appreciated. The day of the wedding, they showed up on time and even ended up staying a bit late to help take some pictures with family that we had not had time to do earlier. We got our pictures in the timeline promised and once again Gina and Mike did a great job. We've received a lot of compliments about the pictures. They were one of our favorite vendors and come highly recommended.
Services used: Photography

Simone & Son
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Shant and his family took great care of us during our entire engagement. DH got my engagement ring custom made with them and we were so pleased with the great service we went back and ordered our wedding bands through them. They've become our family jewelers as BIL recently had an engagement ring custom designed through them as well.
Services used: Jewelry

Natalie B. Artistry - Professional Makeup & Hair
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I really enjoyed working with Natalie, her prices were much more reasonable than most other Hair & Makeup professionals. I met with her 8 months before the wedding to do a hair and makeup trial and was really pleased with the result. I hired her to do my hair and makeup, 3 BM hair, 2 BM hair and makeup, and my mom's hair and makeup. Initially my mom had only wanted to do makeup but decided a month before the wedding to do hair as well. Natalie was nice enough to agree to come earlier so we would all be ready in time. The day of the wedding, she showed up on time and even offered to stay later to make sure we were all ready when the photographers and limo arrived. Natalie is very personable and I am glad that I hired her, I would definitely recommend her to other brides. My makeup stayed on all night and my hair (even though I did a half up/half down) updo, managed to look pretty good all night!
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
The original coordinator we worked with when we booked the location was awful and I started having doubts about the location because of him. The contract he provided us, for example, was not very detailed and did not list any of the items that were included in the package we had selected. The cake was paid for through the location and it was not listed in their contract which bothered me since I was afraid they would change their package and I would be without a cake. I eventually asked the coordinator to send me an email confirming the cake was included. I also didnt appreciate that the package price was not locked in when we booked with them. Most other locations do that and the fact that they nickel and dime for a few extra dollars a plate seemed a bit tacky. Fortunately 3 months before the wedding, he left and was replaced by another coordinator, Linda, who was awesome. She was very easy to get in touch and was totally flexible with us. During our rehearsal when our officiant got stuck in traffic, she stepped up and took over for him which was great because none of us had any clue what we were doing. The location itself is beautiful and we wanted a great outdoor location for our ceremony that was within our budget. Eagle Glen definitely delivered on that and we were very pleased overall with the service. When we didnt like the chicken and vegetarian dishes that were on the pre-set package, Linda and the chef offered to customize our menu for no extra charge. The only issues we had on the day of was that they never told us there was going to be an event right before ours and we were told our vendors could show up whenever to set up. This didnt exactly work out and it took longer to set up, we ended up starting 15 min late and had my family and bridal party helped set up I probably would have ended up starting even later. Also during dinner, they forgot to serve 2 of the tables and my dad had to go and tell them a bunch of our guests hadnt been served. Overall it was a great location for the price and my only wish is that they would upgrade the ugly plastic white ceremony chairs to nice wooden ones and improve their contract.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

Cucamonga Cakery
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
When we had our cake tasting, we brought pictures of what we wanted the cake to look like. The day of the wedding, the cake didnt look exactly like the picture we gave them but no one noticed besides me so damage was minimal. They also mixed up the filling in one of the cake layers which again I only noticed. During cake testing, you cant try all the flavors and we ended up picking 2 layers just because they sounded good. The ladies there told us we can call a week in advance and they will make us a sample cake in those flavors which we can take home for a small price or just stop by and they will let us take home a slice for free to taste. We ended up calling and asking for a slice and the flavors were amazing. Their cakes are very delicious and we got a lot of great compliments on our cake. We had 4 different flavors, one on each layer: coconut cake with raspberry filling (top), amaretto cake with almond raspberry filling (secoond smallest layer - our favorite!), chocolate cake with bavarian mouse and fresh strawberies (3rd layer), and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (bottom layer - also very good!).
Services used: Wedding Cake

Elegant Thorn
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Efren use to work for Commerce Flowers and has now branched out on his own. His floral work is amazing and I was uncertain whether or not I could even afford him. He worked within my budget and went above and beyond what I expected from him. Our flowers were amazing and everyone loved them. He was always on time for our appointments and showed up early to the venue to set up and stayed late to help break down. He even threw in free lighting for me which was something that I had wanted but couldnt budget for. He's very hard working and will work with you to come up with some great ideas.
Services used: Flowers