Aug 15, 2009

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Kelly and Kyle's Wedding

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Ocean Institute

Dana Point Harbor, California

Our Story

We met at UCLA in our political science class. We caught each other's eye but didn't get together as each of us were dating someone else at the time. And then a few months later, Kyle and I were set up for a sorority date party together and the rest is history! We've been dating for six years. I know a long time but we are finally settled...both graduated from UCLA, I completed my Masters in Social Work and we both have stable jobs. We are ready and cannot wait for the big day to finally be here.

Wedding Planning

I didn't realize that 7 months was not very long to plan a wedding. We knew we wanted to get married during the summer and didn't want to put it off for a whole year so here we are trying to get everything together. But thanks to our wonderful families and friends things are going pretty well.

The Location

We have decided to get married at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor. It is a non-traditional location (just how we wanted it to be). Our ceremony is in the center courtyard overlooking the harbor. We will have two of the museum rooms open for cocktail hour. And our reception is in the auditorium type area right off of the courtyard. It has a giant whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling which is kinda quirky but fun. We were thinking of throwing a bow tie on him!