Nov 28, 2009

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Our wedding took place on Saturday November 28, 2009.

Pro pics should be ready Dec. 21. Here are some non-pro pics I have.

Me before wedding out getting pictures in the South Park Blocks in Portland, Oregon. It was about 40 degrees, brrr!

 Non Pro Pics photo 1     Non Pro Pics photo 2

Non Pro Pics photo 3Non Pro Pics photo 4<-----my hair

Some ceremony decor, flowers by Starflower in Portland, OR. Venue for ceremony & reception was Hotel Vintage Plaza in Portland, Oregon. It was low lighting, sorry it makes the pictures blurry!

Non Pro Pics photo 5

 Non Pro Pics photo 6          

Our favors, champagne flutes with our logo and the escort cards perched on top.

Non Pro Pics photo 7Non Pro Pics photo 8

Non Pro Pics photo 9 <--- menu with our logoNon Pro Pics photo 10<--- floating candles & gardenia centerpiece (half of the centerpieces were these, half were gorgeous floral arrangements that I have no pictures of yet).

Our cake and cupcakes below, made my my long-time family friend Jill. Those are white chocolate sticks you see everywhere. Everything was soooo yummy!

Non Pro Pics photo 11

Sweet heart table with gorgeous tall orchid flower arrangement.

Non Pro Pics photo 12

Non Pro Pics photo 13

Non Pro Pics photo 14

First dance, some kissing...


Non Pro Pics photo 15

Non Pro Pics photo 16 more first dance

This was just a really cool effect, photo by our friend Annie Chandler-Loaiza

Non Pro Pics photo 17t

Non Pro Pics photo 18 <---dancing! There was a lot of it.

Non Pro Pics photo 19 <---our friends drew a portrait of us on a napkin, so sweet!



That's all for now! Enjoy and happy planning to all... I'll be back with pro pics later this month and after our honeymoon.


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Look for Brian & Kate's Engagement Session on the blog & in the gallery. LOVE THEM!

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I just stocked up on candles. I researched for hours (seriously) and found the best deals on:

www.generalwax.com  <--- affordable pillar candles and glass cylinders without having to buy them by the dozen.


www.candles4less.com <--- affordable votives, votive holders, and pillars by the dozen.


I went in with 2 friends and fellow brides in order to get lower prices and split shipping costs.

Hopefully this will help someone save a few bucks and a few hours of research.

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Here are some of my make up inspiration pics.

Make Up photo 1Make Up photo 2Make Up photo 3Make Up photo 4

This is not a good quality picture below (no offense iphone!), but this was after my first make up trial. I got some fabulous lashes, emphasized the eyes and had a nice plummy nude lip. I liked it but I'm going for another trial Aug. 19 with a different make up artist. The first MUA isn't available for my engagement pictures, so I need to find someone for that anyway.

Make Up photo 5

Oh, and that's fiance :). We decided to have a night on the town since I was all made up, it was a perfect day!

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Flower for hair photo 1  Flower for hair photo 2

Well, until I figure out how to upload this picture right-side-up, here it is sideways  (& blurry) :)

Here is the flower I purchased for my hair... I will not be wearing a veil. I think it's going to be great with my dress. If it's not perfect, I'll probably wear it for my bridal shower or the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. I still haven't decided... I'm still trying to figure out how to make it "go" with how I want my hair.

I'm going to take the flower off the headband and just pin it.

I bought this on etsy.com from the shop sweetpeaandfawn.

Also I'm wearing my new pearls in the picture :). I'll be wearing them on the big day, too.

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I met with a family friend who is going to be making our wedding cake & cupcakes. She's a professional pastry chef that has been doing friends' wedding cakes for a few years now.  Her portfolio is amazing! I've posted some inspiration pics, but it's going to be 3-layered, round, with a vanilla layer w/ buttercream frosting, red velvet layer w/ cream cheese frosting, and strawberry flavored cake layer with buttercream frosting.  The bottom & top layers will be ivory with paisley or natural/floral designs (she'll surprise us, we like the patterns on both the 2nd and 3rd inspiration cakes), and the middle will be our plum color with pieces of white chocolate like the 1st inspiration cake photo .  Then we'll have some mini cupcakes--> chocolate flavored cake with Bailey's frosting and a bit of chocolate ganache on top.

I get a tasting next week, woohoo!

I cannot wait to see it all come together, and then have photos to show off! I'll have to wait until Nov. 28...Cake photo 1Cake photo 2Cake photo 3