Feb 28, 2009

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Flowers of Choice


Hydrangea Novelty Mix       Flowers photo 1

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My beautiful Davids Bridal dress

The Attire photo 1        The Attire photo 2

I turned to Betsy Johnson for sexy, wild shoes!

The Attire photo 3

My Girls got their dresses from Davids Bridal as well. All of the dresses are

truffle-chiffon, however each girl got to chose their unique style.

The Attire photo 4The Attire photo 5The Attire photo 6

The Attire photo 7The Attire photo 8The Attire photo 9

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Our Story

How We Met:

It was the end of my freshman year at Aloha High School and Tom was a sohpmore. One of my friends had a class with Tom and introduced him to me. My initial impression of Tom was: He is cocky! He had made a comment that "all girls think I'm hot" and I specifically remember saying "Well I sure don't!" He used any and EVERY reason to talk to me but yet he would get a little timid and blush :)

How We Got Engaged:

He took me to Cabo where we had stayed in a friends Timeshare. His parents were staying only a beach walk away, at Playa Grande. We had a third who was staying with us our condo but he had ran into some complications and ended up staying the night at LAX before meeting us in Cabo. That night (the first night there, without our friend) we went to dinner with his parents and another couple. After dinner he told the driver that we would just get dropped off at Playa Grande and walk home on the beach. While walking back to the resort he asked if I wanted to sit down and look at the starts. He said "The stars are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you" and he poped the question!



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Our cake will be made by the Apple Cellar in Ashland, Oregon and be delivered to us ever so carefully with love from Kristen. My inspiration came from and Anne Woods Bird toppers!

The Cake photo 1The Cake photo 2