Mar 23, 2012

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embroidery tasteful scrollWe wanted our thank you cards to stand out, so we had custom made cards done with Mixbook. We have gotten such great feedback from the cards, and everybody loved seeing shots from the big day. Especially those who couldn't be there, but took the time to send their blessings. I used Mixbook for our guest book, and expected nothing less than spectacular for the cards, and I was not disappointed.


Thank You Cards photo 1















Thank You Cards photo 2


Thank You Cards photo 3

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I had my bridal shower in February 2012 and it was FABULOUS! We had such a great time, great turn out, and great food! My 3 BM's did a fabulous job. I have a few pictures and still waiting on more. We got all of our "big ticket" items (2 Mikasa Plate settings and our Calphalon Pots and Pans set) plus so much more, so we were super excited about that. :)

I had my bridal photo 3293464-1I had my bridal photo 3293464-2I had my bridal photo 3293464-3I had my bridal photo 3293464-4I had my bridal photo 3293464-5I had my bridal photo 3293464-6

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 I had NO clue what the day entailed. I was picked up at noon and headed to our first surprise, pedis at a day spa! So nice and relaxing! We then headed to Hotel Derek, a fancy schmancy hotel in the Galleria Area in Houston. From there I was told to have my hair completed by 5, I said "what about my makeup?" I was told to listen to orders..they will tell me exactly when I need to be ready. (they sure are bossy huh? LOL) But I had to be kicked out of my room and go to the other room to get ready...UGH! So when I was done with my hair, I return to my room and it's fully decorated with Bachelorette party FUN! I was given a cute veil and a custom made Bachelorette Sash. So I was playing around when a lady walks in..I was introduced to her and had the most confused look on my face. My MOH tells me that she is here to do my makeup! YES! I laughed and said "I thought you were a stripper and we were going a different route!" LOL She laughed and got started. She did my full make up and then did eye shadow for the rest of the party. So we got ready, and walked down stairs. They called me over and there was a LIMO waiting for us!!!!!!! OMG I WAS SO SURPRISED!!!!! So we get in the limo and head off to Ra Sushi and have a great dinner. From there we go to a bar, where they got us bottle service and VIP. I felt like a complete DIVA all night. It was fabulous! I'm sitll completely hungover two days later, LOL So glad I have the day off. Anyways, here are the pics. :)

I m trying to photo 3314999-1I m trying to photo 3314999-2I m trying to photo 3314999-3I m trying to photo 3314999-4I m trying to photo 3314999-5I m trying to photo 3314999-6I m trying to photo 3314999-7I m trying to photo 3314999-8


and the night ended with me looking a hot mess like this:

I m trying to photo 3314999-9

I had the best weekend!!!!!


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We went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and stayed at the Jewel Dunn's River. It was the most amazing time we have had on a trip! It's a smaller all inclusive resort and we were never overlooked by anyone! (we've stayed at Riu's before, which was right next door to our resort, and man we will never look back!) This was an adults only resort, had great food, great drinks, entertainment when you needed it, a honeymooners cocktail hour, great service, they had a beach party for the entire resort where dinner was served on the beach, they also had dinner on the pier where you get a 6 course meal for the entire resort on the pier!!! (smaller resorts has it's perks!) We DEFINITELY reccomend The Jewel to anybody considering Jamaica. We've been to Cabo san Lucas, and Jamaica is SOOOOO different than Mexico!!!!!!

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-1Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-2Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-3

View from our room! :)

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-4

Eating at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios!

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-5

Climbing Dunn's River Falls

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-6

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-7

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-8Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-9

room service for breakfast on our balcony...Man I miss that view!

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-10

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-11Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-12

Had to have a coconut with Appleton Rum!

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-13

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-14

Bob Marley's Jacuzzi on James Bond Beach

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-15Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-16

Dr No was filmed the background was where the famous white bikini'd girl was walking down before they ambushed the area

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-17

Had to leave paradise :(

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-18

Bye Jamaica!!!

Finally posting pictures from photo 3333734-19

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Pro Pics Reception photo 1Pro Pics Reception photo 2Pro Pics Reception photo 3Pro Pics Reception photo 4Pro Pics Reception photo 5Pro Pics Reception photo 6Pro Pics Reception photo 7Pro Pics Reception photo 8Pro Pics Reception photo 9Pro Pics Reception photo 10Pro Pics Reception photo 11Pro Pics Reception photo 12Pro Pics Reception photo 13Pro Pics Reception photo 14Pro Pics Reception photo 15Pro Pics Reception photo 16Pro Pics Reception photo 17Pro Pics Reception photo 18Pro Pics Reception photo 19Pro Pics Reception photo 20Pro Pics Reception photo 21Pro Pics Reception photo 22Pro Pics Reception photo 23Pro Pics Reception photo 24Pro Pics Reception photo 25Pro Pics Reception photo 26Pro Pics Reception photo 27Pro Pics Reception photo 28Pro Pics Reception photo 29Pro Pics Reception photo 30Pro Pics Reception photo 31Pro Pics Reception photo 32Pro Pics Reception photo 33Pro Pics Reception photo 34

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Pro Pics Portraits photo 1Pro Pics Portraits photo 2Pro Pics Portraits photo 3Pro Pics Portraits photo 4Pro Pics Portraits photo 5Pro Pics Portraits photo 6Pro Pics Portraits photo 7Pro Pics Portraits photo 8Pro Pics Portraits photo 9Pro Pics Portraits photo 10Pro Pics Portraits photo 11Pro Pics Portraits photo 12Pro Pics Portraits photo 13Pro Pics Portraits photo 14Pro Pics Portraits photo 15Pro Pics Portraits photo 16Pro Pics Portraits photo 17Pro Pics Portraits photo 18Pro Pics Portraits photo 19Pro Pics Portraits photo 20Pro Pics Portraits photo 21Pro Pics Portraits photo 22