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Mar 23, 2012

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( 3.8 / 5.0 )
I hired Jessica for my day of makeup, on location with an assistant. Between the two of them, they had a total of 5 BM and my mom and I to do. They stayed right on schedule with where we needed to be. I had a hair trial done with Jessica, and where I had concerns that I addressed to her via email before the event, she was quick in reply to let me know what could be changed to make me happy. My one and only complaint about her was that her assistant burnt my mom's hair. She has mostly grey hair and I was looking at her finished product when I noticed yellow. We walked outside into the sun and her hair was SUPER YELLOW!!!! They said it was a product in her hair, however 2 weeks later that portion is still yellow, it's definitely burnt. My mom wrote Jessica an email and Jessica basically replied that their products did not do it to her because it's never happened before. I say there is a first for everything. I haven't see my pro pictures so I am PRAYING that her hair doesn't look yellow in the pictures. I loved my hair and makeup however, and she really did fix my concerns I had from the trial. It's a shame my mom's hair had to be burned or else I would give her a pretty flawless review.
Services used: Beauty & Health
Adorne Artistry
We appreciate your feedback and time to write us a review. We are pleased to hear that the Bride and bridesmaids were happy with their looks. We loved being apart of their special day and had so much fun getting to know each of them! We are sorry to hear that the MOB was not satisfied with her look as its a goal of ours to make everyone happy. We have done many Mother of the Brides, Mother of the Grooms, and Seniors as this is our full time career. We felt there was a bit of a disconnect with the photo that was originally shown to the artist, the consultation which was discussed in detail, and the end result of what was wanted by the client.

Our tools and products are of the highest professional quality. The MOB continually asked the artist to hold our 400+ degree iron on her hair longer than we were comfortable with saying "we were being too gentle and that she holds her iron on her hair longer to get the desired result." We know our tools and our products and what end results can happen. The client did not listen to us or our repeated attempts and recommendations. We have not had any discoloration in the past from the tools or products we've used. The artists would have stayed to ensure the satisfaction of the client had it been communicated to us.