Jul 24, 2010

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11-12 Months Before the Wedding

Officially announce your engagement.
Set a time and date for the wedding.
Decide style of ceremony (size, setting, formality, etc.)
Contact a wedding officiate.
Arrange for your families to meet if they haven't met before.
Develop a budget and decide who will pay for what.
Begin compiling your guest list.
Visit and reserve your reception site.

9-10 Months Before the Wedding

Order your wedding gown and determine who will make any necessary alterations.
Choose your wedding party.
Decide on a color scheme (consider the reception site).
Meet with potential wedding professionals for your ceremony & reception. Interview local videographers, photographers, florists, DJs & Musicians, caterers, and bakeries. Be sure to get a contract that states wedding date, time, and location for each vendor, as well as the schedule for payments.
Scout out accommodations for out-of-town guests.

7-8 Months Before the Wedding

Start shopping for wedding rings.
Decide on honeymoon plans and take care of any special travel requirements such as passports or visas.
Decide on and order attendants gowns.
Order invitations and other stationery needs.
Register for wedding gifts at select stores and online outlets. Don't forget to register for shower and engagement party gifts as well!

5-6 Months Before the Wedding

Let your out-of-town guests know the date of your wedding so that they reserve the date and make any necessary travel plans.
Complete guest list.
Shop for and taste test the wedding cake.
Select and reserve attire for men in the wedding.
Determine marriage license requirements for the state in which you are getting married. (If in the US, contact the county clerks office; if abroad, the wedding coordinator will have this information.)

3-4 Months Before the Wedding

Finalize the menu with your caterer.
Order wine, champagne, liquor, etc., if not included in the caterers service.
Finalize flowers, including those needed for the reception decorations.
Mail out information about hotels and city attractions to your out-of-town guests so they can make their plans.
Order wedding rings to allow time for engraving.
Begin working on vows, especially if you are writing your own.

2 Months Before Wedding

Finalize and book honeymoon.
Mail out invitations.
Do hair/make-up dry run, complete with your veil or headpiece.
Book wedding day beauty appointments.
Complete name change paperwork for bank accounts, insurance, etc.
Finalize music play list.

Finalize order of service and write the wedding program.
Touch base with your florist, caterer, and DJ to confirm date and times, etc. Get their cell phone number if you don't already have them.
Book rehearsal dinner.
Order wedding cake, if not ordered already.
Buy rehearsal outfit
Make arrangements for our animals while we're on our honeymoon
Make guest book

1 Month Before

Purchase bridesmaids gifts.
Purchase groomsmen gifts.

Schedule final fitting for wedding gown. Remember to bring wedding shoes, veil, and proper lingerie needed.
Purchase your accessories: guest book and pen setring pillowflower girl basketsunity candle, etc.
Arrange for transportation needs for wedding party and out-of-town guests for the rehearsal and wedding day. Be sure to give the driver the addresses and schedules for all who will need transportation.
Make OOT guest packets
Buy flat shoes for dress
Book activities and dinner reservations for honeymoon
Get marriage license. Call ahead to make sure you know what is required to bring.

2-3 Weeks Before

Organize any accessories needed such as ring pillow, flower girl basket, garter, and "something old, new, borrowed, and blue."
Contact guests who haven't sent in RSVPs so that you can give the caterer a final headcount.
Pick up wedding rings and check engraving before leaving the store. Store in a safe place!
Confirm honeymoon hotel, airline reservations, and wedding night reservations, if not leaving until the next day.

1 Week Before

Pack for honeymoon.
Host attendants party and give out gifts along with a thoughtful thank you note to each bridesmaid.
Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Make final payments to vendors. Put gratuities in envelopes and arrange to have a trusted friend distribute the envelopes on the big day.
Stock up house for housesitter

1 Day Before

Take a long walk or schedule a massage to reduce stress. Gather your thoughts and mentally prepare yourself!
Greet out-of-town guests.
Make some time for each other to exchange gifts and a congratulatory kiss (or several)!
Get in bed at a reasonable hour so that you'll look and feel your best for your wedding.

Wedding Day

Awake early and eat a good breakfast.
Go to beauty appointments.
Arrive at wedding site early enough to dress and to visit with bridesmaids.
Allow enough time for photography.
Relax, smile, and enjoy your well-organized day!

3 Month Countdown - Detailed

   1st Fitting - 5/7/10
   2nd Fitting - 6/18/10
   Pick up dress and veil week of 7/18/10

   Order week of 4/25/10

      Purchase or assemble
      Purchase and assemble

      Print and assemble week of 4/25/10
      Purchase picture corners
   Newspaper wedding announcement
   Rehearsal dinner invitations
      Print and assemble week of 5/2/10
   Wedding programs
      Finalize information
      Print and assemble
      Picture or menu?

Rehearsal dinner

For Day-Of
   Officiant ($100 in May, $218+tip day of)
   Marriage License
   Tammy (Hair trial #1 - 5/7/10, Hair trial #2 - 6/18/10)
   Location fee ($500 due day of)
   Aisle rose petals
      Decide what to make and practice
         pie pops
      Decide on baker (DIY?)
      Order cake
   DJ and Photographer
2,800.66 due by 7/10/10)
         My Wedding Information
         My Music Information
         My Photo Checklist

      Photo album - growing up
      Engagement portraits
      Boudoir pictures - 5/21/10 - 12pm ($205)
      to hire or no?
         if no - purchase or rent dispensers
   Dinner wear
      paper plates (dinner and dessert)
      plastic utensils
      plastic cups
      table cloths

   Passports back

Gifts & Favors
   Attendant gifts
   Gift for fiance
      Boudoir book

      tag&ribbon - attach
      make cards
   Candy buffet
   memorial vases
   survival kits
   card box
   jar luminaries
      frost & ribbon

      “Thank You” and the girls
         trace & paint

      primer & spray paint

   Candy Buffet - paper in frame
   Wedding directional - wood
      our names, ceremony (arrow to the right),
      reception (arrow to the left)
   Menu (2) - paper in frame
      all food items to be served
   Guestbook table - paper in frame
   “Reserved for” ceremony
   Bridal suite/newlyweds

Guest List Tally

As of 7/14/10: 142 Yes, 84 No,  9 No Response

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Save the Dates

DIY photo 1

DIY photo 2

Memorial Vases

See Memorial.

Survival Kits

DIY photo 3
instructions here.

DIY photo 4

DIY photo 5

DIY photo 6

DIY photo 7


See Programs.

Card Box

Jar Luminaries

Vow Cards


DIY photo 8

Wedding Day:
DIY photo 9

DIY photo 10

DIY photo 11

DIY photo 12

DIY photo 13

DIY photo 14

DIY photo 15

DIY photo 16

DIY photo 17

DIY photo 18

DIY photo 19

DIY photo 20

First three I made:
DIY photo 21

Wedding Day bouquets:
DIY photo 22

Added in Rehearsal and Toss:
DIY photo 23

Groomsmen (2 top left), my brother's (top right), best man (red), FH (white):
DIY photo 24

DIY photo 25

DIY photo 26

The corsages were fighting with me. I'll post pictures when I'm happy with how they look.

Engagement Pictures

See Engagement.

Wedding Invitations/Rehearsal and Dinner Invitations

See Invitations.

Candy Buffet Containers


DIY photo 27

instructions here.

Feather Wreath

DIY photo 28

instructions here.

 -pie pops
 -brownie pops
 -smoores pops
 -bride and groom strawberries (maybe)
 -strawberry lemonade cupcakes (maybe)



Candy Buffet - paper in frame

"Love is sweet" - wood

Wedding directional - wood
   our names, ceremony (arrow to the right), reception (arrow to the left)

Bar (2) - paper in frame
   all beverages that we have

Menu (2) - paper in frame (or maybe large on wood)
   all food items to be served

DJ requests - paper in frame

Please do not touch (memorial vase table) - paper in frame

Guestbook table - paper in frame

Reserved for chairs (ceremony)

I printed the words onto clear swirly vellum paper, cut them out to the size that the words all fit with some space around (no specific measurements), and then used double-sided tape to attach the vellum to red paper. I then took the ribbon and measured half-way in from each side of the card stock (which was cut to be .5" around the red/vellum paper) and taped that down. I taped the red/vellum paper down on top of the ribbon, placed little jelly "rain drops" on for something "extra" and whalah! 

DIY photo 29

DIY photo 30

DIY photo 31

I ran out of ribbon, so I'll post the others once I get more. =)

Bridal suite/newlyweds


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instructions here.

On the main vase:

"In Loving Memory
of those who have touched
our lives in a special way
and were taken from us too soon.

Always in our thoughts.
Forever in our hearts.

July 24, 2010"

With the names of each person scattered across the vase.

On each individual vase:

"Today and Always,
We remember you.
We honor you.
We miss you.

First and Last Name

You are never gone."

There are 11 individuals who we want to be displayed on our memorial table.
Florence Furman (dad's maternal grandmother)
Lottie Ebbert (dad's paternal grandmother)
Rollin Heilman (dad's stepfather)
David Ebbert (dad's paternal uncle)
Frank Zlomsowitch (mom's paternal uncle)
Harry Holderman (Bobby's mom's dad)
Verna Moyer (Bobby's dad's grandmother)
Yvonne Roeseler (Nicole's (MOH) mother)
Anthony Mariani (4-H camp counselor)
Shawn Brewster (friend of family)
Margie Cunfer (friend of family)

I will be putting in battery operated tea lights, and the words will be printed onto vellum paper that will be wrapped around each vase. I was thinking of also adding some kind of ribbon to decorate them up a little.

**Update 11/19**
I ordered the vases from - $18.14 for 12 - 7 1/2 inch cylinder vases. I also printed out 8 of the 12 papers that will be used to wrap around the vases. (I need to check on the spelling of some names and get 2 more pieces of paper.) They're going to look beautiful. =)

**Update 11/28**
The vases came in and I assembled the ones I could! =) I still have to get two more names so I can finish the last two and the main vase with everyone's names on it. I will also need to get material and pillow stuffing to make the cloud effect I want to display them.

Memorial photo 1

Memorial photo 2

Memorial photo 3

Memorial photo 4

I'm so happy with how they came out! =D

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Jewelry photo 1


(sorry about the blur)
Jewelry photo 2

Jewelry photo 3

I got an extra bracelet for myself.

Alsooo - for my b-pics - I picked up long pearl and crystally necklaces. =)

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Dress - Bridals by Sandra
   Maggie Sottero Style: Kennedy

Girls' Dresses
- Alfred Angelo
   Nicole - Style #6453, Claret with White band
   Denise - Top Style #6489, Bottom Style #MSKT-70501, Petunia
   Jenelle - Style #6129S, Tea Rose
   Heather - Style #7074, Champagne

- Men's Warehouse
   Bobby - White Tuxedo
   Guys - Black Tuxedo

- Kay Jewelers
   mine: 14K White Gold 2 Carat t.w. Diamond Ring 
           14K White Gold 3/8 Carat t.w. Diamond Enhancer
   his: 14K White Gold Wedding Band for Him

- Tammy's Tips and Tanz

MakeUp - Sarah Giovinetti

Cake - Giant Food Stores

DOC - HaLeigh (haleighb)

Officiant - Rev. Joseph McLaughlin

- Macungie Memorial Park

- Kelly Hudock

- The Pros - Stephanie J.

Boudoir Photographer - Scott Church

- The Pros - Grace A.

Rentals - Taylor Rentals, Allentown

- Carnival Cruseline
   5 night - Eastern Caribbean Cruise
   Paid in full - April 8, 2010

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Front - Introduction:

   Welcome to the
   Wedding Celebration Uniting:

   Amanda Marie Ebbert
   Robert Alan Heiney

   Saturday, July 24, 2010
   At 2 o'clock in the afternoon

   Macungie Memorial Park
   Macungie, Pennsylvania

Page 1 & 2 - The Wedding Party and Key Family:

   Parents of the Bride
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Maryellen Ebbert II

   Parents of the Groom
   Mrs. Robin Weber and Mr. William Heiney

   Grandparents of the Bride
   Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Carol Zlomsowitch
   Mr. and Mrs. Rollin (late) and Gloria Heilman
   Mr. Robert and Claudia Ebbert I

   Grandparents of the Groom
   Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Kathy Heiney
   Mr. and Mrs. Harry (late) and Edna Holderman

   Reverend Joseph McLaughlin

   Maid of Honor
   Miss Nicole Roeseler

   Miss Denise Zastko
   Miss Jenelle Fronheiser
   Miss Heather Heiney

   Best Man
   Mr. Joshua Schweibinz

   Mr. Kevin Kuntz
   Mr. Kevin Heilman
   Mr. Robert Ebbert III

Page 3 & 4 - The Ceremony Order, Detailed:

   Canon in D

   Seating of the Mothers
   Lighting of the Candles
   There You'll Be

   Here I Am
   Bridal March

   Giving Away of the Bride
   Call to Prayer

   1 Corinthians 13: 1-8

   Exchange of Vows
   Exchange of Rings

   Lighting of the Unity Candle
   From This Moment

   I Promise by Dorothy Colgan

   The Closing Prayer
   The Lord's Prayer
   The Nuptial Blessing

   Announcement of marriage
   Presentation of the Bride and Groom

   I Got You, Babe

Page 5 - Thank You to Family and Friends

To Our Parents
We want to thank you for all of your love and support throughout our lives which brought us to this day together. Looking back, we know we'll use our fun memories growing up to mold our family's future. We appreciate everything you have done for us up until this point, and look forward to everything we will share together in the future.

To Our Family and Friends
We want to thank all of you for sharing with us the first day of our lives together, and for traveling both near and far to be here. We're so glad we have so many special people in our lives, and hope you all have a wonderful time.

Love, The New Mr. and Mrs.
Robert and Amanda Heiney

Page 6 - Menu Word Find (didn't include word find here)

Dinner Menu*

Pasta Salad                 Hambuger BBQ
Meatballs                               Pierogies
Chips                                       Pretzels
Cheese Curls                  Salsa and Chips
Vegetable Tray                    Relish Tray
Wedding Cake

*Not all Dinner items are listed


   "Life has taught us that
   love does not consist
   in gazing at each other,
   but in looking together
   in the same direction"

   Antione de Saint-Exupery