Jul 24, 2010

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These two cakes all white and all with the second cake's design:
Details photo 1  Details photo 2

Cake Topper

Details photo 3

Garter Set

Details photo 4

Card Box

inspiration by its.nicsknack:
Details photo 5


Details photo 6

Growing Up Book

I really wanted to do a slideshow, but because of our location, it's sort of impossible unless we'd wait until it gets dark out which I don't want to. I decided it would be cool to make a book up of our lives, together and before we met, leading up until our wedding. It turned out great:

Toasting Flutes

Details photo 7

Details photo 8 Details photo 9

Serving Set

Details photo 10

Details photo 11
Details photo 12

My Shoes

Details photo 13

I bought these for our outdoor wedding:

Details photo 14
Heel Stoppers

Something Blue:

Details photo 15

After my feet start to hurt:

ESNY Wedge Thong Wedding Sandals with Rock Candy

Unity Candle

Details photo 16

Board Games

"Don't feel like dancing?":
Details photo 17
(which she found via green wedding shoes)



Details photo 18

--I love this! but would only be able to use a half circle =)

Details photo 19

-some light draping on the gazebo, paper lantern inside above the table where the untiy candle will be - maybe some lights inside, maybe some flowers to center it.
Details photo 20

Feather wreath hanging, centered on the gazebo, with maybe ribbon or roses attached:

Details photo 21

Details photo 22
-aisle ribbon

Got these jars for our aisle and to make luminaries:

12 oz. Plain Jelly Jar 16 oz. Plain Jelly Jar
12oz. - $5.35 per dozen
16oz. - $4.68 per dozen

--what I ordered--
4 dozen 12 oz.
4 dozen 16 oz.

jars - website

Details photo 23

Details photo 24
-With jars, clustered on each side of the "altar" area.

Bridal Pavilion similar to this:
Details photo 25


Details photo 26

Details photo 27

I'm going to decorate both reception areas (pavilions and bandshell) with a similar feel to this:

Details photo 28

I ordered:

24 - 8 inch and 24 - 10 inch lanterns:

Details photo 29


We're going to have 3 different kinds of centerpieces - mason jars with cherries, baskets with rose petals, and glass globes with roses. 

jar inspiration:
Details photo 30
-maybe with a candle or 1 single white rose

basket inspiration:
Details photo 31
-the baskets I bought aren't nearly as high and are made out of different material.

globe inspiration:
Details photo 32

Details photo 33

Details photo 34
-the globes aren't as big, so they won't be as "full" as these, but just to give me an idea.

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*Little to my before-engagement knowledge*
   Bobby had been scheming with my parents for weeks before leaving for our annual vacation to Myrtle Beach. He went ring shopping, asked my father for permission, coordinated with my mother to book the banner plane - all while I was getting more and more anxious because of a silly promise he made to me the year before: "I promise we'll be engaged by July 4th of next year". Boy, was I ever holding him to that. That Friday (the day before we were leaving) the ring came in late and Bobby had to work. He asked my mom if she would please pick the ring up and pack it in their suitcases - this way it would be easier to hide, since I do the packing anyway. She picked it up and peeked into the box. From what she tells us, she was in awe. Her first thoughts were "Holy Crap!" and immediately texted Bobby to tell him how beautiful it was. My mom also asked if I would bring my handicam camcorder because "theirs isn't that good". I did. We left for vacation on Saturday - I was totally oblivious.

*Sunday, June 29, 2008*
   We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC a little early, so we couldn't check in to our hotel just yet. We decided to go walk around the mall, which I may have changed if I knew they were going to be laughing behind my back. haha. While walking around, we came across a Kay Jewelers. I looked at the store, but didn't want to push it (even though I REALLY wanted to go in). I was already a little down because I thought he was going to go back on that promise. He knows me too well though, because he took me into the store anyway - which made me happy. He told me that he wanted to get an idea of what I wanted (even though I told and showed him several times). I had the sales lady take a few out so I could look at them - a few like I've told him in the past, a few different ones. I actually picked up the exact ring he picked out, just a little smaller and thought it was really nice. What I really liked about that ring were the diamonds on the front and back. It was unique. He knew I wanted a 3-stone, with some stones going down the sides. --While I was looking at rings, by the way, my mom, dad, and Bobby were standing behind me sort of smiling and laughing at me, mostly when I picked up the one he bought. haha.-- When we walked out of the store, Bobby and I hugged and he whispered to me "I promise by your birthday, okay?" Although I was happy, all that meant to me was that he was going to go back on that dang promise! (How stupid I was... haha). We went to dinner that night to a buffet, and while Bobby and my dad were up getting food, I sort of complained to my mom about that promise being broken. She told me to relax, while she was laughing at me inside, knowing what was going to happen that next day. After dinner, we took a walk on the beach - which is something I love to do - and my mom suggested that every night, before or after dinner, we should take that walk. We all agreed - me, being the only one who didn't know what she was up to. 

*Monday, June 30, 2008*
   I woke up to another perfect day vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my parents and boyfriend of almost 2 years. Little did I know, this day would change my life forever. We went through the day like any other, hanging out at the hotel, venturing down to the beach, visiting local attractions. It was great. Earlier that day, Bobby told me that we should find a fancy place to eat sometime that week - just the two of us. All that went through my mind was "omg omg... he's going to propose afterall!" That put me in such a hopeful mood. My mom made another suggestion: "since we walked on the beach after dinner last night, why not go before dinner tonight?" I thought nothing of it, obviously, so we went walking. My mom had my handicam (thought she just wanted to tape random beach stuff) and my dad had their digital camera, which was pretty normal for him. We walked up the beach, my mom -the sneaky person she is- slipped the ring box into Bobby's pocked, and then said we should start heading back, so we did. She took my towel and my flip flops that I was carrying (I had no idea why), and at approximately 5:00pm, while walking hand-in-hand, Bobby asked me, "Hey Amanda, what does that plane say?" I looked up and had to read carefully because the banner was still backwards (my mom didn't get his attention in time to tell him to wait until it turned around). I was speechless when I read "AMANDA WILL YOU MARRY ME BOBBY" spelled out on the banner being carried by the plane flying over the ocean. Simultaneously, Bobby went down on one knee with a box in his hand. After a few short moments of hugging and crying, I happily said "yes!" - my mom and dad were there to capture almost the whole thing on tape and camera, and that's all my mom wanted the camcorder for. She said that she wanted me to have it all on tape. =)

   While he got down on one knee and we hugged and I said yes, all I could hear were people in the background going "YEAHHH!!!" and "WOOOO" and clapping. It felt amazing, almost like a fairytale. We started walking back to the hotel, but were stopped many times by people who saw the plane, saw the proposal, and were curious. I don't know how many times I was asked "Are you Amanda??", "Can I see your ring?". I didn't mind. I loved the attention, unlike my wonderful fiance. It was perfect, unexpected, and definitely better than the dinner proposal I thought I was going to get. Silly me, thinking he was going to break that promise. We had our engagement dinner at UNO, which was absolutely amazing. We made a rule that every time we go back to Myrtle Beach, we're going to eat there.

*The Rest Of Our Vacation*
   We took pictures, my dad made it a point to tell everyone (waiters, waitresses, fellow mini-golfers, etc.) that his daughter just got engaged, and Bobby and I kept calling each other "Fiance" instead of our usual "Baby and Babe". It was the perfect week.

Some of the highlights:
Engagement photo 1 Engagement photo 2

Engagement photo 3 Engagement photo 4

Engagement photo 5 Engagement photo 6

Engagement photo 7 Engagement photo 8

Engagement photo 9 Engagement photo 10

Engagement photo 11 Engagement photo 12

Engagement photo 13 Engagement photo 14

Engagement photo 15 Engagement photo 16

Engagement photo 17 Engagement photo 18

Engagement photo 19 Engagement photo 20

Engagement photo 21 Engagement photo 22

Engagement photo 23 Engagement photo 24

Engagement photo 25 Engagement photo 26

Engagement Pictures - Round One

Engagement photo 27 Engagement photo 28

Engagement photo 29 Engagement photo 30

Engagement photo 31 Engagement photo 32

Engagement photo 33 Engagement photo 34

Engagement photo 35 Engagement photo 36

Engagement photo 37 Engagement photo 38

Engagement photo 39 Engagement photo 40

Engagement photo 41 Engagement photo 42

Engagement photo 43 Engagement photo 44

Engagement photo 45 Engagement photo 46

Engagement photo 47 Engagement photo 48

Engagement photo 49 Engagement photo 50

Just for fun:
Engagement photo 51 Engagement photo 52

Engagement photo 53 Engagement photo 54

I'm so happy that we finally did them! =) Yay!

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Bling photo 1 Bling photo 2 Bling photo 3

Bling photo 4

Bling photo 5

Bling photo 6

Bling photo 7

Bling photo 8

Bling photo 9

Bling photo 10

Bling photo 11

Bling photo 12

Bling photo 13

Bling photo 14

Bling photo 15

Bling photo 16

Bling photo 17

Bling photo 18

Bling photo 19

Bling photo 20

Wedding Band

Bling photo 21 Bling photo 22

FI's Wedding Band

/images/products/2512/251236903_MV_TB.jpg /images/products/2512/251236903_MV_TB.jpg

Bling photo 23

Bling photo 24

Bling photo 25


Bling photo 26

Bling photo 27

Bling photo 28

Bling photo 29

Bling photo 30

Bling photo 31

Bling photo 32

Bling photo 33

Bling photo 34

Bling photo 35

Bling photo 36

Bling photo 37

Bling photo 38

<3 <3
love themmmm!!! <3 <3

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Stock Photos

Maggie Sottero, Style: Kennedy
Dress photo 1 Dress photo 2

Dress photo 3

May 17, 2009 - My mom and I cried - we knew she was the one!

Dress photo 4 Dress photo 5

Dress photo 6 Dress photo 7

Dress photo 8 Dress photo 9

Dress photo 10 Dress photo 11

09/22/09 - She came in!!! I have about 20 pounds to lose, at least!

Dress photo 12 Dress photo 13

Dress photo 14 Dress photo 15

Dress photo 16 Dress photo 17 Dress photo 18

05/07/10 - First Fitting - she fits PERFECTLY!!

Dress photo 19

Dress photo 20

Dress photo 21

Dress photo 22

Dress photo 23

Dress photo 24

Bustle - it's not pinned up on the right side, but you get the idea - I LOVE IT!!:
Dress photo 25

Dress photo 26

Dress photo 27

Dress photo 28

Dress photo 29

Dress photo 30

Dress photo 31

Dress photo 32

We had a mishap with my veil. The shop accidentally ordered the wrong one, and although I was disappointed, I still got pictures with the sample (and the RIGHT one is guaranteed to be in by June 31st):
Dress photo 33

Dress photo 34

Dress photo 35

Dress photo 36

06/18/10 - Oops! gained a few pounds back!

Dress photo 37
ew - backfat.

Dress photo 38

Dress photo 39

Dress photo 40

Dress photo 41

Dress photo 42

Veil for Pictures

Dress photo 43

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Dress photo 44
Dress photo 45
Dress photo 46

from - $69.94 - A little more than I wanted to spend, but I love it. =)

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*Friends Only* - "B-Pics". I love friends, so don't be afraid to add me! =)

A ♥ B photo 1

wedding planning

save the date 

wedding planning guide

We met: March 2005
First date: June 29, 2006
Officially: July 24, 2006
Engaged: June 30, 2008
Will be married: July 24, 2010 -- I can't wait!

We've been through some rocky times, just like I'm sure some of you have. The wedding was actually called off because my cold feet got the best of me. That's over though. I know it was stupid, and planning is back in full force. I'm soo excited to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend and true soul-mate. I love him.

A ♥ B photo 2
September 2006

A ♥ B photo 3
July 2007

A ♥ B photo 4
July 2007

A ♥ B photo 5
December 2007

A ♥ B photo 6
April 2009

A ♥ B photo 7
June 2009

A ♥ B photo 8
July 2009

A ♥ B photo 9
August 2009

A ♥ B photo 10
November 2009

A ♥ B photo 11
December 2009

A ♥ B photo 12
May 2010

A ♥ B photo 13
June 2010

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Fur Babies

Just want to show 'em off!

A ♥ B photo 14
-laying like a little human. haha.

A ♥ B photo 15
-sitting next to daddy.

Oscar (lives at my parents' house but still my baby!)
A ♥ B photo 16
-he's about to give me his pissy teenager attitude.

A ♥ B photo 17
-he always sleeps on the chair.

I love them! Wish I could bring Oscar to the apartment to join the family, but he doesn't like Homer too much. Oh well. At least I can visit. =)