May 17, 2008

Taylor Your Memories (out of business?)
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I had to click on a "one star" rating, but actually would give this vendor NEGATIVE stars... we had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience through this company!!! Though still long, here is the short version: This is a small company, seems to be run by Isabelle and her husband (?). Main contact person is Isabelle. This is an invitation company that seems to have recently expended into a wedding coordination service. I used them for invitations alone, and that was more than enough for me. We were looking for someone able to print our custom-designed in vitation in thermography (raised) printing. Isabelle assured me that they could. On our initial meeting, I even showed her a sample of what we wanted, and was assured that thermography was okay...only to find out much later that it wouldn't work with our design, and she even claims to never have seen that original design in the first meeting. As we designed our own invitation, I tried to get printing specifics from Isabelle, as far as program file preferred, CMYK or RGB, room for margin, bleed, etc. (my fiance is a graphic designer and is used to dealing with the technical specifications of printers). Isabelle told me "not to worry" just send the file and they'd work with it. I should have worried. Needless to say, we had to change our files several times along the way. Isabelle was horrible with returning calls AND emails, and usually I was the one to have to track her down, even to simply let me know if she did or did not receive a file. I found out along the way that her company DOESN'T normally take custom orders (probably just didn't want to turn down my business and was making it up as she went along...), and that they were working with an outside printer (I could have sent it directly to the printer and bypassed her and all this grief)!!! I was told that the turnaround time would be 3 weeks at the LATEST, but it went longer than that and, again, I was the one to call her and figure out what was going on...the printer still hadn't even started our order and only then (after the "guaranteed" turaround time) did we learn that the files needed to be altered a bit MORE. We picked up the envelopes so we could at least start addressing those, only to be given the wrong envelopes. When I realized this and called Isabelle to notify her...she already knew, but just hadn't bothered to call me to let me know, saying "I thought you would just come back when you realized the mistake." They cut the printed invitations, rsvps and maps in-house, and all were cut CROOKED... most are at a distinct angle, and the colored borders are off on most of them (some sides cut thinner than others). Some of the actual INFORMATION on the maps were cut off on the bottom! The last straw came when we picked up the printed portions of the invitations on a Wednesday...and I was finishing putting them together a week and a half later, only to RUN OUT OF MAPS AND RSVPS!!! I called and emailed Isabelle, and only received a call the following day, several hours after they had opened (and after I called a second time). She tried to laugh it off, saying that when my fiance had picked up the order, the rest of the rsvps and maps had been mistakenly left on the before, she assumed we would be back in when we realized this, so she never even bothered to follow up with us!!! Absolutely HORRIBLE. And beware...she also runs wedding coordination service.
Services used: Unique Services

Charles Lauren Films
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I have to admit, I haven't yet gotten married so they haven't filmed my wedding yet. However, after going through pages and pages of a list of videographers, this was an EASY choice for my fiance and me. Their work is so artistic. And not just in the editing process, but also in the actual way that they FILM the event. This is a husband and wife team, so they obviously work very well together. And both are very personable and easy to be around. And the prices are VERY reasonable for the product that you get. I just learned that they were voted The Knot's best videographer for 2008 in the Los Angeles area. Woo-hoo!!!
Services used: Videography

Red Loft Studios
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I LOVE this studio!!! Jenny is very warm and welcoming, as are the rest of the photographers there. We actually booked Katie Robertson for our wedding. She is AMAZING! Not only were we comfortable with her as a person (which is important when the photographer is there at the most intimate of moments), but her eye for photography and design is impeccable. Not yet married, we have yet to have our wedding photos taken. However, we had our engagement session just over 2 weeks ago. And we already have all of the photos back...her turnaround time is great! Her photography is simply beautiful, like something you would easily find on the pages of a magazine. Another thing to note is that all the photographers in this studio appear to have a lot of formal training, along with some kind of artistic background. And things are more personal here, as opposed to other studios I researched along the way, where you get a random phoographer for the day. And for what you get in each pacakge, the prices are amazing!!!
Services used: Photography

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We haven't gotten married quite yet, so I can't speak for the actual day of the wedding. However, booking Eric was an easy choice for us... we were having a difficult time finding a good dj, especially since what we considered to be some of the best djs were wanting to charge an arm and a leg for their time, and also weren't willing to play more than a few songs that we requested. Enter Eric, who made us feel instantly at ease. He guaranteed that he will be able to play most of the music we give him, even taking the time to listen to all the music ahead of time. It isn't simply about pushing a button to him...he "reads" the crowds and plays what he feels would be best at the time. Listening to him speak when we met, it is obvious that it wasn't just a "sales pitch" that he was giving...he actually knew what he was talking about. And he has been very attentive. At this last stage before the actual wedding date, when I am having to call and double-check with all the vendors to make sure things are on track, Eric was the one to actually get in contact with ME for the very same reason... he is on top of things, all the way!
Services used: DJ

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I haven't gotten married yet, so this review is based on all my dealings with them up till now (3 weeks before my wedding). The main contact (head of catering and events) is Damon. He is absolutely WONDERFUL to deal with. He is very accomodating and on top of everything! He quickly responds to my (extensive) emails and phone calls. He works WITH my budget, rather than try to get me to spend more $$, like other places normally might do. This hotel is a bit older than the others around it, but still gorgeous (and recently had a lot of renovations done to their interior). The reception room is pretty much right on the sand of the beach (with a private beach in front of it), so the ocean is RIGHT THERE! And compared to the prices (including minimum requirements) of the surrounding hotels, this place is the definite winner!
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner