Mar 06, 2009

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Our vow-renewal ceremony and reception were more than we could have hoped they'd be. Everything was gorgeous and thanks to our amazing photographer, Patsy Brown (A Thousand Words Photograpy) we were able to capture the night time wonderland feeling and ambiance of the candles, lights, and natural decorations I so painstakingly designed and worked so hard on! It could have looked like a casual backyard party - but instead everything blended beautifully and I coudln't have done it without all of the help I had from friends and family. I'd love to share some of the pictures of the finished product. I was behind the design of the cake and bouquets and did the toasting glasses, maid of honor's jewelry, wish tree and smaller tree myself as well as the centerpieces and arch with some much-needed help! Feel free to ask any questions - I'm happy to help!

Ceremony and Reception photo 1Ceremony and Reception photo 2Ceremony and Reception photo 3Ceremony and Reception photo 4Ceremony and Reception photo 5

Ceremony and Reception photo 6Ceremony and Reception photo 7

Ceremony and Reception photo 8Ceremony and Reception photo 9Ceremony and Reception photo 10

Ceremony and Reception photo 11Ceremony and Reception photo 12

Ceremony and Reception photo 13Ceremony and Reception photo 14Ceremony and Reception photo 15Ceremony and Reception photo 16Ceremony and Reception photo 17

Ceremony and Reception photo 18Ceremony and Reception photo 19Ceremony and Reception photo 20

Ceremony and Reception photo 21Ceremony and Reception photo 22Ceremony and Reception photo 23

 Ceremony and Reception photo 24Ceremony and Reception photo 25

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Our names both start with "A" and I chose glasses that have a crackle finish on the bottom of the flute so it didn't leave a lot of room for engraving - I didn't want it to look crowded, so I decided to make a charm for each glass...

Toasting Glasses w Charms photo 1Toasting Glasses w Charms photo 2Toasting Glasses w Charms photo 3

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the courthouse ceremony photo 1the courthouse ceremony photo 2the courthouse ceremony photo 3the courthouse ceremony photo 4

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Our story and plans photo 1

My husband and I eloped - we didn't want to have some of his local family here and exclude my long-distance family or any of our friends... so we had a small private ceremony at the courthouse with just the two of us. From the very start, our plan was to do a vow-renewal ceremony and have everyone come (friends, family, reception - the whole deal). Everything that we both wanted and didn't want to miss out on, but didn't want to wait for everyone else's shchedules and opinions to effect.

We are planning to do an outside ceremony and reception on March 6th. My husband is in the Air Force and is deployed right now, and we had to change our location about a month ago so I'm trying desperately to make all of this come together in a short time! Most things were planned out a year ago and I was just moving along stress and worry-free with the remainder of our planning. This site is amazing! I wish I had seen it a year ago and been able to use it from the start.

Our decorations will be tons of curly willow, small and medium sized amber tea lights, and dried cranberries everywhere. We will be poolside so we'll have a lot of floating candles and white lights and lanterns in the trees... My dress is one of the David's bridal dresses with the red beaded border along the bodice and bottom in front and the full red beaded back and train. I know this is bolder than a lot of people would be comfortable with, but hey - it's our day and as a couple who eloped, we're obviously not the type to make our wedding what everyone else wants... but what we want and what fits our style.

I've been having trouble deciding what to do for vows, our initial ceremony was the traditional repeat-after-me "I do's" so I'd like to have something more personal and original tied in for our vow-renewal. I would love any advice or ideas anyone has!

Our story and plans photo 2