Oct 04, 2008

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Jerry Andersen, owner and DJ extraordinnaire of JLA Mobile Music, was probably one of the best DJ's I've ever encountered. He is extremely personable, and will basically do whatever you want for your wedding, but offers helpful suggestions based on past experience as well. Jerry was recommended to me by my dental hygienist (weird, but we get along well), who had used him for her wedding because I didn't know where to start when hiring a DJ, which to me was maybe one of the most important aspects of my wedding. Almost every other wedding I've ever been to has had DJ's who I thought were okay, but nothing spectacular, and certainly no one who had the same fun-factor my husband and I have. Good recommendation! All of my wedding guests, really enjoyed him, and he did a great job of being inclusive with the guests. My dad was a professional DJ for a VERY popular Denver/Boulder radio station back in the late 70's/early 80's so he knows his DJ stuff, and he's also extremely picky about his goods and services, and HE really enjoyed Jerry as well. If someone requested an artist not pre-approved by my husband or myself, he always made sure to ask if it was okay first, so he's great for those of you who are control freaks like me. Jerry also made sure to go that extra mile to ensure our wedding experience was smooth, including getting my husband and me drinks, keeping up with the events of the evening, and making sure that our guests were having fun. Because our wedding was child-friendly, he even let one of our ring-bearers take over the mic to do a little rap (something to do with riding a bike with no handlebars or something like that, it was funny). I would recommend JLA Mobile Music to anyone because Jerry is very versatile and can adjust to any kind of event, for any kind of mood, and for pretty much any occasion I can think of, and he'll make sure you have a good experience.
Services used: Ceremony Music, DJ

Custom House
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The Custom House is a diamond in the rough. Anyone who is familiar with the more "Jewish" area of Denver around Leetsdale and Holly (I'm Jewish myself, which is one of the reasons I'm familiar with that area) probably knows about Custom House as they have been there for quite some time, and they do about any kind of alterations you can think of from taking up a pair of pants to wedding dresses. Only a little family-owned shop could deliver the quality results that come from years of tailoring experience that I'm pretty sure is generational. My dress was probably the most major feat known to alteration mankind (which I was reminded of as my dress took 5 weeks to finish due to my constant weight gain/loss...the dress was fitted) and I was actually scared to have it altered by anyone besides Luba since she was the only one I trusted to do a good job with such a major project...and it was a MAJOR project. They will always be honest with you, and be fully committed to the highest quality work. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours Luba spent working on my dress, I was surprised it was only $250. Custom House alterations is probably one of the best places to have your wedding dress altered because of the quality of work, and their willingness to take on some pretty major projects.
Services used: Unique Services