May 01, 2010

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I keep thinking of the terms, enchanted forest, midsummer's night dream or maybe secret garden when I envision my reception.  Here is my first shot of an inspiration board...

Inspiration Board photo 1




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We are holding our reception at the Lansbrook Event Center in Oklahoma City.  It is a gorgeous building.  It has a large garden room where the majority of the reception will be held, at least that is where most of the action will happen.  It has a small room off the garden room that will for the bar area.  It has a bar and enough room to hold 6 or so bistro tables.  We will have a room for the kids away from all of the action.  Then depending on where our guest list ends, we will also get the fireside room. that is mostly open and the walls are all windows so they can see what is going on in the other rooms.  This will probably be for the buffet and for the adults who want to get away from the DJ.  The whole place has rock walls, lots of glass areas in the ceiling and tons of live trees and plants inside.  Here are some pictures I got of their website. 

Reception Venue photo 1Reception Venue photo 2Reception Venue photo 3

My theme is something around enchanted forest or midsummer's night dream.  My colors are eggplant and lots of natural greens.  I am going to work on my inspiration board.  Any ideas?  Please send them my way!

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Here is a picture of my beautiful engagement ring!!  The middle band is actually the wedding band, it can seperate from the engagement ring.  I wear the whole ring, becuase he prefers it all together.  We are going to get another band to go underneath this as the wedding band.  I am still so in love with my ring!!

Engagement photo 1

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I am looking to do a very simple wedding invitations, with beautiful font/calligraphy.

Here are the invites that I got.....I love them.  They are very simple.  I plan to add tiny crystals to the middle of each flower. 

Invitations photo 1


I would love to have calligraphy done by Nancy Howell. Here is my inspiration for the font/calligraphy.  The calligraphy style I love is called flourished upright script.  I think this type of font will really dress up the invites.

Invitations photo 2

As soon I as I get an invite done, I will post a picture.

Above is what I was originally thinking about.... now I found these in a magazine, and Tomboybride is going to design them for me :)  I love them, I can't wait to see the final product!

Invitations photo 3

Invitations photo 4

And this will be our reception card, but we are going to use FI's family crest on it.  I love the personal touches!

Invitations photo 5

Here is the James family crest we are going to use on the reception card.  My FI is pretty excited about incorporating this.

Invitations photo 6


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I am recently engaged to the love of my life and my very best friend, Wayne. We have been together for almost about 3 years.  We live in Oklahoma City with our two dogs (our kids), Jager & Roxy.  I knew I would marry Wayne within the first week of knowing him.  We dated long distance for about a year, then he moved to OKC!  He popped the question two days before my birthday this year.  He asked my Dad for his blessing and gave me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. 

I am so excited to plan my wedding.  I have been waiting for this my whole life :)  We have set a tentive date of April 2010.  We are planning to wed in a Catholic Church--and that is about all of the plans we have made!

Wayne is planning on going back to school and I am looking forward to buying a new house with a yard for our pup's and garage!!  So, with that being said, I am not looking at going into debt for my wedding.  I am looking for unique ideas and ways to save money.  I have never been a DIY type of girl in the past, but I will be for the wedding of my dreams!

This website is great, and I have already met some great people with wonderful ideas!  If you see one of my pictures and you know a way to make the idea come to life, please let me know!!

 These are are our very naughty kids......

(Yes they emptied the trash can and spread it all over the house)

New to Project Wedding photo 1

And this is my future hubby & I

New to Project Wedding photo 2

I like this picture of us on St Patty's Day this year....

New to Project Wedding photo 3